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Delagginoger is a mod developed by Garmik to help compensate against latency issues in Auranogi.

The goal of this mod is to make the game play as it was intended to be played in terms of latency, up to what is possible, it will not make you any faster if your latency is already low.

How it works[edit]

Delagginoger works by optimizing how the client sends certain packets to the server, as an example, when summoning a pet the client sends one packet, waits for response, sends another, waits for response, and only then the pet becomes available, by sending both packets immediately one after another we can cut down in half the latency to have the pet ready.

The mod works in tandem with the `lagcomp` user command to ease latency problems both on server and client.


See this video for a few examples.

  • Faster skill canceling and completion. This means that you'll be able to combo from skill to skill easier, or spam attacks easier (e.g elf magnum/ranged attack), as well as switch from one skill to another (e.g need to cancel current skill and start loading another).
  • Faster pet summoning and desummoning.
  • Arrow Revolver faster re-aim.
  • Faster response to picking up items.
  • Faster Healing casts.
  • Final Hit attack speed much less dependent on latency.
  • Switching weapon sets (normal and extra) behave as if having very low latency.


This tool is still considered experimental, meddling with how the client sends packets could be prone to unexpected issues.

It is possible for this tool to cause more "locks" than normal, depending on your latency and jitter (the difference between your max and min latency), how useful it is for you is going to be dependent on your experience, if the benefits outweigh the issues you personally experience with and without it.

Keep up with updates and known issues[edit]

Join Delagginoger discord for updates.


  • Download from
  • Unzip into your Auranogi directory, i.e `delagginoger.exe` should be in the same directory as `Client.exe`
  • Launch the game with `delagginoger.exe`
  • Note that currently this will skip the Auranogi launcher, so make sure to run that manually after server updates to make sure you are not missing client-side updates.
  • Some Anti-virus might detect this as a virus, since it uses executable injection to work.


Is it allowed?[edit]

Yes, in the words of our Admin Thunderbro: "Hmmmm, okay".

The mod does not try to cheat anything, every feature and addition is tested against a localhost (0ms latency) server to compare that nothing that shouldn't be possible is happening.

Should I use this?[edit]

If you have low latency (live in North America) you are probably not going to see many, if any, benefits and might even encounter issues, but feel free to test.

I'm using it but I'm not sure if it's having any effect?[edit]

If you look at your tray icons (next to the your time in Windows), there's one for Delagginoger, if you right click that, you can go to "Config > Toggle Debugging", while Debugging is on, try to summon a pet that is on cooldown, and activate & cancel skills, if in-game you see debug messages from Delagginoger, then it means the mod is doing things, if you notice no effect then perhaps your latency is already too low.

Can it be used alongside other mods?[edit]

It can be used with Abyss (and Abyss can chain-load Kanan).

Running delagginoger.exe will open up the client normally, so Abyss should just work as normal without anything extra needed.