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Auranogi - a Mabinogi private server[edit]

The server is expected to see an extended downtime starting at on 12PM PST July 17th.

The server is estimated to be down for approximately 1 week (Expected that it could be a little less time than this), for a move. An important note is that after the move, the server time will be changing to EST and the server will be located in the East Coast US instead.

The current summer event schedule will be modified to account for any downtime that occurs, as well as additional compensation which will be given out after the servers come back up.

Auranogi is an Aura based Mabinogi private server that runs on a modern NA client. This server is currently under active development and features most content up to Generation 4, with custom content, and occasional features from later generations. Our combat is based upon classic Mabinogi Combat that was used prior to the Dynamic Combat update (Also known as the Genesis patch).

This Wiki is a player-made wiki that anyone can edit and contribute information, mostly for documenting custom content (drops, events, dungeon info, etc) that the official wiki does not contain.

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Current Events

Aura Summer Extravaganza Event
June 3, 2024 12:00AM PST - September 2, 2024 12:00AM PST

Summer Ai Versus Mai Event
June 3, 2024 12:00AM PST - September 2, 2024 12:00AM PST
Summer Weekend Hot Days
June 3, 2024 12:00AM PST - September 2, 2024 12:00AM PST
Break the Watermelon Event
July 15, 2024 12:00AM PST - July 22, 2024 12:00AM PST

For a list of events, see Events.

Helpful Guides

Beginner's Guide
Combat Guide
Dungeon Progression Guide
Enchanting Guide
For a list of all guides, see Guides.

Latest Updates

Update 7/15/2024
  • Fixed an issue where Partner's equipment still decayed even while desummoned
  • Weight gain from food should now be much closer to official servers per food item consumed
  • Weight is now capped at minimum and maximum values, however these values have been increased compared to the official caps, meaning more weight can be lost or gained compared to official.
  • Counterattack now uses 6x the stamina but loads in 0.3 seconds when Knuckles are equipped
  • Counterattack now loads in 0.3 seconds and uses dual gun damage instead of barehanded damage and changes the animation when dual guns are equipped with at least 2 bullets in the chamber, 2 bullets will be consumed when counterattack is used
  • Fixed an issue where dropkick could hit targets that have already been finished
  • Crafting recipes can now reach a cap of 100% instead of 99%, the client will however still cap at displaying 99% success rate

Update 7/8/2024

  • Added Ciar Boss Trial Dungeon and Rundal Boss Trial Dungeon. Note: times will be recorded, but currently the ranking board is not implemented
  • Ciar Boss Trial Passes now drop from Ciar Normal/Basic/Int/Adv and all Hardmode variants
  • Rundal Boss Trial Passes now drop from Rundal Normal/Basic/Siren/Adv and all Hardmode variants
  • Blocking with charge no longer causes the user to temporarily stop during the charge
  • Fixed an issue where partners and pets would change weight when being fed
  • Added Rank 5 Potion Making recipe for Restorative Spirit Liqueur, this item can also be traded with players one time
  • Despawn time of dropped Red Coins has been increased to 20 minutes

Update 7/1/2024

  • Fixed spawns for Defeat Fomor Commander I/II, the first wave spawns were spawning on wave 2, while the second wave spawns were spawning on wave 1, these have been flipped back to their correct wave
  • Fixed an issue where Giant Field Bosses were ignoring hit weighting used for switching aggro to new targets
  • Fixed note notifications not appearing when logging on when the player has new notes
  • A note is now sent to Guild Leaders and Officiers containing new applicants' application message
  • Spawn rates of small monsters have been increased for both the Treasure Hunt Event and the Break the Watermelon Event, these will be applied when these events run again
  • Added new daily quests for the Summer Firework Show Event

Update 6/17/2024

  • Added the Guild Bank Feature, this can be accessed via Eavan if you're in a Guild that is Basic level or higher. The Guild Bank will allow for trading of tradeable items via the Guild Bank which is shared between all Guild members.
  • The following number of tabs are available based on the Guild's Rank
- 1 Normal Bank Tab
- 1 Officier/Leader Only Bank Tab
- 2 Normal Bank Tabs
- 1 Officier/Leader Only Bank Tab
- 3 Normal Bank Tabs
- 1 Officier/Leader Only Bank Tab
- 4 Normal Bank Tabs
- 2 Officier/Leader Only Bank Tabs

Update 6/9/2024

  • Fixed some text issues for some Summer Event Quests
  • Fixed an issue where the new Summer Event 2nd Titles were not giving their stats when equipped
  • Added the Defeat Fomor Commander I and II Shadow Missions in Taillteann
  • Added the Enemy Behind Shadow Mission in Tara
  • Elite Passes for Defeat Fomor Commander I and II now drop from Taillteann Shadow Missions
  • Elite Passes for Enemy Behind now drop from Tara Shadow Missions
  • Elite Passes for Defeat Fomor Commander I and II and Enemy Behind can now drop from Partner Giftboxes
  • Monster AI can now summon monsters even while stunned (this more closely matches official behavior)

Update 6/3/2024

  • Brand New Login Screen Art for the Summer Event
  • Decreased Stun time for Support Shot
  • Dual Gun Mastery now uses 1 Mana per skill use regardless of rank
  • Fixed an issue where the Chisai-Style Muramasa Enhancement (previously known as Edern's Muramasa Enhancement) was available at NPC Ranald instead of NPC Edern. This upgrade is still available at NPC *Akihiro and is now available at NPC Edern.
  • The Chisai-Style Muramasa Upgrade (previously known as Ranald's Muramasa Upgrade) is now available at NPC Akihiro. This upgrade is still available at NPC Ranald.
  • Character select screen has been changed to the classic style
  • Added 2 new spawn locations for Watermelons in Port Ceann for the Break the Watermelon Event
  • Brand new portrait art for NPC Fiona (Summer and Sailor Outfit)
  • Updated NPC Fiona's idle animation
  • Added Summer variants of NPC Ai and Mai at Port Ceann, Port Qilla, and Nekojima
  • Added new portrait art for the Summer variants of NPC Ai and Mai
  • Added missing event information to NPC Fiona for the Iria Treasure Hunt Event, Summer Fireworks Event, Summer Den of Sahagins Event, and the Ai Versus Mai Event (these only appear when the given events are active)
  • Fixed an issue where some custom Second Titles did not display their name when moving the cursor over the icon
  • Fixed an issue where line breaks were missing in the description of the "One who Discovered the Muyu Desert Ruins" title and in several custom Second Titles
  • Fixed an issue with line breaks being missing in the Evil Eye Enchant description
  • Added Team Ai T-Shirt and Team Mai T-Shirt to the Dressing Room
  • Added 5 new Second Titles as part of the Ai Versus Mai Event
  • Started the Aura Summer Extravaganza Event
  • Started the brand new Summer Ai Versus Mai Event
  • Started the Break the Watermelon Event

Update 5/26/2024

  • Homesteads can no longer be entered mid-combat
  • Fixed an issue with Elven Ranged Attack where the aim rate wasn't getting recalculated to 50% aim while moving
  • Added the Spider Shot Skill
  • Added the Spider Shot Skill Quest, the skill quest is automatically obtained when the player has Rank 1 Production Mastery, Rank 1 Ranged Attack, Rank A Handicraft, and Rank A Weaving
  • Reduced the distance Campfires have to be built from collision, this value should now more closely emulate official servers
  • Fixed an issue where the Charge Skill handling for Ai ignored invincibility frames, could attack dead targets, and tried to get used even when collision was in the way. The skill now fails to connect and cancels in these instances
  • Fixed an issue with the monsters in the Protect Corrib Valley mission not activating their AI if no players were in range of the monsters
  • A UI element showing that the mission failed now appears for shadow missions that end from hitting their fail state
  • The Pillow Fight Event has been extended by 2 days
  • Added Spider Shot to the Available Skills List on the Official Wiki
  • Added the Spider Shot Skill Quest to the Skills Quest page on the Official Wiki

Update 5/15/2024

  • Fixed sizes of gem drops being far smaller than they were supposed to be outside of metallurgy (existing gems are unfortunately unchanged)
  • Started the Pillow Fight Event

Update 5/12/2024

  • Fixed an issue where getting a critical hit with Lance Counter was not training for some ranks
  • Fixed an issue where Charge did not receive training for blocking a ranged attack with charge
  • Fixed an issue where Charge was not reducing ranged damage and preventing knockbacks
  • Fixed an issue with Piercing Level where it was reducing more than 100% protection regardless of the Piercing Level the weapon had. The proper amount of protection is now reduced per Piercing Level
  • Fixed server sided direction not updating properly when using WASD controls
  • Fixed a desync with archery skills where the server could consider you to moving right as you made your shot
  • Fixed an issue where trying to enter a Shadow Mission with the incorrect number of members didn't properly give a warning that the party size is too small or too large
  • Added the Taillteann Defense Battle Shadow Mission to Taillteann
  • Taillteann Defense Battle Elite Passes can now drop from Taillteann Shadow Missions
  • Taillteann Defense Battle Elite Passes can now drop from Partner Giftboxes
  • Added the Protect Corrib Valley Shadow Mission to Tara
  • The Protect Corrib Valley Shadow Mission requires a Corrib Valley Protection Order in order to accept the mission
  • Corrib Valley Protection Orders now have a chance to drop from any Shadow Mission end chest
  • Royal Castle Guard Weapon Upgrade Coupons can be received from Protect Corrib Valley and can be used to upgrade specific weapons

Update 5/1/2024

  • New login screen for May
  • Started the Den of Sahagins Event
  • Added portrait for NPC Akihiro
  • Revised some of NPC Akihiro's dialogue

Update 4/27/2024 (2)

  • Fixed an issue where normal attacks weren't working

Update 4/27/2024

  • Fixed an issue where Windmill would give invincibility frames if it was used when there were no valid targets
  • Fixed an issue where Ensemble Effects would get cancelled if the ensembled target became invincible
  • Fixed an issue where Magic Music effects would not apply if the target was invincible
  • The Learn Combo Mastery quest now checks for reaching a Total Level for it's quest objective instead of a Current Level
  • Added a missing decal that appears at the start point/chest location in the Smell of Wine Shadow Mission
  • Added the Offering Shadow Mission in Taillteann
  • Partners can now give a daily quest to do the Offering Shadow Mission
  • Partner giftboxes can now give Offering Elite Passes
  • Taillteann Shadow Missions can now drop Offering Elite Passes
  • The drop rate of Blago Prarie Recapture Orders has been slightly increased, the drop rate in the Fire Sprite Festival mission has not been changed
  • All official Shadow Missions have had drop rates rebalanced to match official drop rates
  • Tidal Wave Cylinders and Hurricane Cylinders can now drop from Shadow Warrior Elite at a low rate
  • Fixed an issue where the spawn of 1 Bronze Bone Archer, 2 Bronze Bone Lances, and 2 Bronze Bone Fighters could not spawn in SCC
  • Fixed an issue where the spawn of 5 Silver Bone Archers could not spawn in SCC
  • Fixed an issue where the spawn of 5 Gold Bone Archers could not spawn in SCC
  • The Expansive Enchant can now drop from Their Method Elite

Update 4/9/2024

  • Reduced both contribution and kill experience and exploration experience of the Giant Sandworm, Prairie Dragon, and Desert Dragon by 50%
  • Increased HP of the Giant Sandworm, Prairie Dragon, and Desert Dragon by 1.5x
  • Removed lower value Blacksmithing and Tailoring manuals from the Desert Dragon and Prairie Dragon Drop tables
  • Increased the Exploration Experience given from the Karu Glowing Statue Dungeons, Maiz Glowing Gargoyle Statue Dungeon, Karu Final Hit Dungeon, Maiz Final Hit Dungeon, and Muyu Desert Ruins Dungeon by 3x
  • Increased the Exploration Experience given from Karu Normal Dungeon, Maiz Normal Dungeon, Karu Statue Part Dungeons, Maiz Statue Part Dungeons, Muyu Desert Ruins Shield Dungeon, and Mysterious Imp Forest Dungeon by 2x

Update 3/31/2024

  • Fixed a desync issue with mounted lance charge, targets hit with the AoE portion of the skill should now properly get knocked back without delay
  • Fixed an issue with Sand Burst where it would reload a charge after usage if you had 2 or more charges active
  • Fixed an issue with Aquamarines and Star Sapphires metallurgy drops being reversed during rainy vs clear nights

Update 3/29/2024

  • Changed the login screen for Easter/April
  • Started the Moon Bunny's Easter Event
  • Added Wiggling Pointy Bunny Ears and Points Bunny Ears to the Inaba Credit Exchange
  • Fixed the Global Inaba Credit Counter so that it actually functions this year
  • Enabled Spirit Weapon Transfers for real this time
  • Added dialogue that was missing for earning the Luxurious Title from Simon
  • The Experienced title is now only given if you clear the dungeon with an uncracked Golden Egg in your inventory instead of any Egg
  • Fixed the issue with the Lance Charge quest not counting Lance Charge usages
  • Taunes-only Lance Upgrades are now available at Karpfen in Taillteann
  • The Homestead bag can now store Homestead Seeds and Homestead Paint

Update 3/25/2024

  • Added Same-Type Spirit Weapon Transfers via Tarlach/Berched
  • Added Different-Type Spirit Weapon Transfers via Dorren
  • Added quests related to Spirit Weapon Transfers
  • Hide is now cancelled upon attacking
  • Hide can now be used while riding a mount
  • Mounted Lance Charge will prevent extra movement forward after the skill finishes if there is collision in the way
  • Combo: Counter Punch now trains Stage 1 Combo Mastery requirements upon usage
  • Modified Combat Mastery's cooldown on the same target to prevent stun locking a target against a wall
  • Fixed Lance Charge's distance damage calculations
  • Integrated sprites now activate mounted lance charge
  • Fixed an issue where mounted lance charge wasn't properly blocking hits
  • Fixed an issue with the Manus Marvelous Marbles quest where speaking to Ai did not progress the quest

Update 3/22/2024

  • Lance weapons are now enabled
  • Physis Wooden Lances may now be purchased from NPC Nerys or NPC Edern
  • Knight Lances now drop from all Karu Glowing Statue Dungeons, except for Karu Glowing Pot-Belly Spider Dungeon
  • Added the following skills:
Lance Counter
Lance Charge
Combo: Counter Punch
  • Added the Lance Counter skill quest (Human and Giant only)
  • Added the Lance Charge skill quest (Human and Giant only)
  • Added the Proof through the Lance quest, which is given after learning Lance Charge (Human and Giant only)
  • Added the Berserk skill quest (Human and Giant only)
  • Added the Combo: Counter Punch skill quest
  • Transformation appearance can now be changed by selecting your transformation title in the titles menu while transformed
  • The knockdown from Charge no longer counts as a regular knockdown and no longer allows Assault Slash to be used and will not causes bounces
  • Added the new skills to the Obtainable Skill List on the wiki
  • Added the new skill quests to the wiki

Update 3/14/2024

  • Fixed Ice Spear's knockdown to knockback in the direction based on where the skill was originally cast and not on the caster's current position upon explosion
  • Fixed an issue where hide didn't properly cancel upon being hit with the skill active
  • Fixed an issue where blaze could damage the user if they targeted themselves
  • Fixed issues with Blaze training
  • Fixed Blaze not being affected by Respite's debuff
  • Fixed some instances of the Blaze explosion not causing knockbacks
  • Fixed an issue with extra equipment slots having issues with slots that only had an item in the left hand and not the right hand
  • Fixed issue with Fishing Bait and Enchant Scroll powders getting unequipped when used with extra equipment slots
  • Added a new portrait for NPC Mai
  • Updated the Ai and Mai's Alby Golden Rat RP to display Mai's portrait during the end of dungeon dialogue

Update 3/10/2024

  • Fixed an issue where pets couldn't use Phoenix Feathers
  • Implemented Pet First-Aid Kits
  • Fixed the issue with equipment temporarily disappearing visually when removing it from the Dressing Room
  • Fixed an issue with the >searchitem command where enchanted equipment overriding searching by the item's name
  • Fixed an off by one error on enchants that activated based on the day of the week
  • Fixed an issue where pets couldn't use rest upon resummon if they were desummoned while resting
  • Fixed an issue where critical hits from Charge were being handled after handling defenses instead of before
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong effect was being used for the user for Thunder
  • Fixed an issue with target stun being incorrect for Thunder
  • Fixed an issue where Thunder would not unlock the attacker properly on the server side, causing desync upon moving after casting the skill
  • Corrected the Defense and Protection stats on the Special Trench Coat to be the same as other clothing items. Existing copies of the item have had their stats corrected.
  • Removed the Elven Magic Missle Skill and Giant Full Swing Skills from player's skill lists. These will be obtainable through a quest in the future.
  • Updated how the Extra Equipment Slots work, the swap will always happen on the Primary slot so that items no longer get jumbled up.
  • Fixed some issues with invalid equipment combinations with Extra Equipment slots that allowed some items to be equipped together that were not valid.
  • Fix for aggro handling, aggro from skills doesn't occur until after stun happens (this rarely resulted in monsters attacking before their stun took effect)
  • Added a check to prevent campfires from being made too close together
  • Fixed an issue where you could mount pets in Battle Arenas
  • Phoenix Feather revival is no longer an option in Battle Arenas
  • Players now get 2 seconds of invincibility when reviving in Alby Arena
  • The Beacon Mounds in Taillteann can now be entered
  • Fixed an issue with Play Dead that would cause other players to appear dead if they were using the skill while outside of the player's render range, and would still appear dead even after standing up
  • Added the Elf Hide Action, Elf Players will automatically obtain this action upon login
  • Added the Blaze Skill and the Blaze Skill Quest
  • Updated the official wiki's obtainable skill list and skill quest pages to include Blaze
  • Added some missing responses for the Skills keyword for Berched and show a favor response when using this keyword
  • Fixed issue where server side direction wasn't updated when using the following skills. These could cause other skills to fire in the wrong direction because the player's direction wasn't updated on the server side.
Ranged Attack
Charging Strike
Spinning Uppercut
Dual Gun Mastery (Dual Gun Normal Attacks)

  • Added a portrait for NPC Ai
  • Updated the Ai and Mai's Alby Golden Rat RP to display Ai's portrait during the end of dungeon dialogue
  • Added Weaving rank up quest: The Godfather of Weaving
  • Added First-Aid rank up quest: Becoming a Therapist (currently not possible to clear since Rank 9 First-Aid isn't obtainable)
  • Added the following items to the dressing room
Sacred Feather Wings (Dyeable)
Stormborne Whisperwind Wings
Baseball Shoes
Baseball Club Manager Boots
Baseball Gloves
Baseball Club Manager Gloves
Sturdy Ox Horn Helm
Baseball Helmet
Ram Wig (F)
Rem Wig (F)
Baseball Headband
Eluned Baseball Club Headband (M)
Flowy Eurasian Eagle Owl Winged Wig (M)
Flowy Eurasian Eagle Owl Winged Wig (F)
Flowy Northern White-Faced Owl Winged Wig (F)
Flowy Northern White-Faced Owl Winged Wig (M)
Viseo's Flight Cap
Magus Crest Earrings
Diamond-shaped Earring
Wind Earring
Girl's Outfit
Baseball Uniform
Baseball Club Manager Uniform
Taiwanese Traditional Martial Arts Uniform
Piggy Rain Coat (M)
Piggy Rain Coat (F)
Diamond Patterned Leather Armor (M)
Diamond Patterned Leather Armor (F)
Two-Tone Bizot Dress (Requires redownload of pack file)

  • Fixed an issue where critical upgrades weren't applying on shields

Update 3/1/2024

  • Started St Patrick's Day Event
  • New Login Screen background for March
  • Removed the giant stage in Emain Macha, restored the ability to freely walk onto the smaller stage in Emain Macha.
  • Chisai Village and Youkai Island can now be set as the last visited town and can be revived to, return with a Wing of the Goddess or from using the >lasttown command
  • It is now possible to fish in Youkai Island. Fishing droptable may still be subject to change.
  • Guild stones can no longer be installed in Chisai Village or Youkai Island. The existing Guild Stone in Chisai Village has been moved to just outside of it.

Update 2/22/2024

  • Fixed an issue where seed pouches would use 2 pouches instead of 1 if the stack size was 2 or greater
  • Fixed an issue where the Charge and Stomp quests could be cancelled
  • Fixed an issue where locks would happen to players if monsters used Charge on them

Update 2/11/2024

  • Fixed an issue with evasion not receiving skill training
  • Fixed an issue with Final Hit's stun being too high after killing a target
  • Added the following items to the Essence of Tuan Exchange:
Spirit of Tuan Ears Headband
Wiggling Spirit of Tuan Ears Headband
Spirit of Tuan Tail
  • Added Valentine's Day Coupons to the Valentine's Math Dungeon end chest. Stack 10 together to receive the newly added Hand Kiss Gesture Card
  • The Hand Kiss Gesture Card can now be obtained from the Essence of Motion exchange

Update 2/1/2024

  • Improve issues with desync from stun
  • Fixed an issue where charge wasn't blocking ranged attacks (and also wasn't training the skill)
  • NPC Scarlett now has a new NPC Portrait
  • The minimap for Youkai Island has been updated
  • Fixed an issue where some Nekojima gems weren't appearing on some user's machines
  • New login screen for February
  • Started the Valentine's Day Lover's Chocolate Cake event

Update 1/20/2024

  • Made some improvements to stun/knockdown
  • Fixed an issue where the enchanted items in Briana's shop were not restocking after midnight in-game time
  • Added the following NPCs to Abb Neagh's Bard Camp:
Two Horse NPCs

Update 1/9/2024

  • Fixed desync issue happening from the decreased stun on normal attacks
  • Improved timing for knockback recovery
  • Decreased the stun time for targets when knocked back/down by a one-handed one hit weapon

Update 1/8/2024

  • Fixed issues with Lizard Witch Pet Card not being usable from Coco's shop
  • Divine Magic Powder now gives the proper success bonus to enchants
  • Added Clover Pig Costumes to event dungeon and the Weird Cat's exchange shop
  • Increased the number of points from the Ciar Adv Pet Event Dungeon from 5 to 10 points
  • Final Hit now receives reduced stun when triggering heavy stander, based on the weapon's attack speed
  • Targets hit by Final Hit that trigger heavy stander now have their stun set to 0 seconds
  • The "end lag" from knocking down a target with a normal attack combo has been reduced
  • Fixed a lock that could occur with Charging Strike that would prevent using other skills if charging strike failed to hit for any reason

Update 1/2/2024

  • New login screen for January
  • Started the Animal Dungeon Event
  • Added new Basic and Adv Dungeon variants to the Animal Dungeon Event
  • The Basic variant gives 3 points upon clear, the Adv variant gives 5 points upon clear
  • Added new rewards in the Basic and Adv Dungeons and added the new equipment rewards as pity options in the Strange Cat's point shop
  • Regular, Basic, and Adv passes can now be obtained from the Strange Cat, there is no longer a check to see if you already have a pass, preventing the need to drop passes on the ground to bring multiple passes

Update 12/29/2023

  • Made some fixes to item permissions (trades, item pickup, selling to npcs, selling in shops, pet storage, and bank storage), which was incorrect for some types of items.

Update 12/25/2023

  • Redid and updated the dialogue for the "Erinn's Little Helper" event
  • Added missing effect that appears when discovered artifacts in Iria despawn.

Update 12/24/2023

  • Fixed Heulfryn's dialogue when trying to start a part-time job before or after the job hours (no more talking about lumber)

Update 12/11/2023

  • Slightly increased the number of Holiday Bonus tokens from event daily quests
  • Fixed an issue where the Mixed Paint in the Holiday Bonus Token exchange shop were not the correct colors
  • Started the Erinn's Little Helper Event
  • Added Rabbie Intermediate to the Unrestricted Dungeon list for Rabbie Dungeon

Update 12/4/2023

  • Holiday Bonus Tokens can now be exchanged in at NPC Cocoette for items. These items are the same items that can drop from existing event gachapons
  • The number of Holiday Bonus Tokens from Cocoette's Advent Calendar gift has increased from 1 token to 5 tokens.
  • Holiday Bonus Tokens are now correctly named in quest scrolls instead of being listed as Holiday Tokens.

Update 12/1/2023

  • New login screen for December
  • Started Christmas Events
  • Added a new Holiday Token item that can be obtained from participating in Christmas Events, this token will be available for use soon in a future update
  • Fixed an issue with Print Casual Wear in Eluned's shop in Tara, and added it back to her shop (this will also allow for progression on the Dressing Room questline)

Update 11/19/2023

  • Fixed an issue where crafted Shadow Brigade Crossbows were not being crafted with 1 Piercing Level on them
  • Fixed issues with party quests for the following dungeons, Ciar Adv, Ciar Adv for 2, and Rabbie Advanced (with a party), for the Lightning Sprite kill requirements.

Update 11/8/2023

  • Fixed Music Score Scrolls not losing usages upon being played
  • Increased the number of spawn points for the fox, gnu, and monkey stone sculpture ruin props so they properly extend between marks.
  • Added dressing room collection quests, the quest chain will start when you reach level 300 total, and will ask for items to be collected in the dressing room and will reward Gold, AP, and for the final quest will award the Avid Collector title
  • Collecting a total of 1000 or more unique items in the dressing room will now reward the King Collector title

Update 11/1/2023

  • New login screen for November
  • You can now turn in multiple items at once to NPC Pan for event tickets
  • NPC Lorna's event shop has been revamped to use the shop UI. The rewards remain the same.
  • Revamped Tailoring and Blacksmithing recipes that used Tough Thread as a finishing material have been fixed
  • The Spark Leather Armor recipe has been fixed
  • Added Spirit Digestive Elixirs, which increase spirit hunger by 10 points when used
  • Added the Spirit Digestive Elixir Potion Making recipe, which requires rank 5+ Potion Making to craft
  • Improved text from Blue Fountains in dungeons to be more descriptive
  • Holy Flame effects are no longer removed when using a Massive Holy Water of Lymilark, getting a blessing from your Spirit Weapon, or getting blessed from Blue Fountains in dungeons.
  • Implemented Red Fountains in dungeons, these fountains will now give you a temporary buff or debuff upon touching them that stack with other types of buffs.
  • Fixed Buff Potions not stacking with food items and only giving 50% of their intended effects
  • Fixed Elixirs not stacking with food items and only giving 50% of their intended effects.
  • Added chests to dead-ends in the following dungeons:
Alby Advanced for One
Alby Advanced for Three
Alby Advanced
Alby Advanced Hardmode
Ciar Advanced for Two
Ciar Advanced for Three
Ciar Advanced
Ciar Advanced Hardmode
Rabbie Advanced for Two
Rabbie Advanced for Three
Rabbie Advanced
Barri Advanced for Two
Barri Advanced for Three
Barri Advanced
Peaca Basic
  • Dead-end chest drops have been revamped, the drops and drop rates are dependent on the dungeon
  • Implemented Trade Limit, certain items will now display a Trade Limit and become untradable once they are sent through the mail, traded, or sold in a personal shop. Existing Trade Limit items will be treated as if they have 0 trades left.
  • Trade Limit items that are eligible to be traded won't be able to stack with Trade Limit items that have 0 trades left.
  • Enchants that are marked as Personalized will now become Personalized upon enchanting.
  • Added Trade Unlock Potions to Coco's Pon Shop for 6000 pons. These can be used on personalized items to allow them to be traded. Items with personalization removed will become personalized again upon equipping them.
  • The Nao Stone Revival tooltip when mousing over the revival option has been updated to display the new revival effects.

Update 10/21/2023

  • Made improvements to server backend to help guard against deadlocks
  • Switching titles has been changed to a 15 second cooldown since you were last in combat

Update 10/19/2023

  • Fixed an issue where tailoring and blacksmithing manuals were not using use count upon usage
  • Fixed an issue where Enchant Scrolls were not losing durability upon failure
  • Fixed an issue where party phoenix feathers could get players stuck
  • Switching titles now has a cooldown of 5 minutes
  • Nao Soul Stones now Heal 70% HP instead of 50% HP upon revival, Heal 50% stamina instead of setting stamina to 50%, Heal 50% Mana instead of healing nothing, Heal 55% Wounds instead of 20% Wounds.
  • Decreased the usage time of Holy Waters and Mass Holy Waters from 4 seconds to 0.5 seconds.
  • Decreased the usage time of Holy Flames from 5 seconds to 0.5 seconds

Update 10/15/2023

  • Fixed the alignment of Muyu Desert Ruins Dungeon Boss Room on the minimap
  • Fixed a bug where multiple sets of pillars could be spawned when multiple players opened the treasure chest in some Dungeon Puzzles in Iria dungeons
  • It's now possible to get more Ancient Shield artifact passes from Nicca to re-run the Muyu Desert Ancient Shield Dungeon, this can be done by talking to Nicca with the skills keyword with Rank 5 or higher Charge. This item can only be used as a pass when the quest isn't active if the player's charge rank is at least at Rank 5 or higher.
  • Alexina will now give you the maximum possible chests at once when talking to her to receive the reward for the Zombie Attack Event
  • Some equipment items from the Halloween Gift Box have been moved to Alexina's Reward Chest from the Zombie Attack Event.
  • Hallow will now give you the maximum number of possible gift boxes based on how many tokens you have in your inventory all at once. The daily limit is still set at 5 boxes.
  • The following NPCs now have an option to mass turn in all Fomor Scrolls at once, although they will stop taking scrolls if all of your Gold Bags are full (a single quest may overflow your gold bags however). The NPCs will display how much Gold the bags in your inventory can currently hold as well as the Gold currently in them before you select the option to trade and will also display how many Fomor scrolls you can turn in. The total number of fomor scrolls used and gold received will be displayed upon turning in the scrolls.
 Eavan (Dunbarton)
 Researcher (Dunbarton, near Poulnabrone Stone)
 Aodhan (Emain Macha)
 Andras (Taillteann)
 Lezzaro (Tara)
  • Fixed a bug where the Anti-Fomor Robe, Aodhan/Eavan's Protection Charm, and Balloons could lose durability. These items no longer are able to lose durability.
  • Fixed an issue where the Homestead Pumpkin Flagstone Box gave 4 Homestead Halloween Pumpkin Flagstones (Whole), instead of 4 Homestead Halloween Flagstones (Whole). 1 of the Pumpkin variant is now given instead of 4, and 4 of the regular variant are now given instead of only 1.
  • Fixed an issue where the male outfits for the Mad Hatter outfit set and male nightwitch outfit set were swapped and gave the wrong outfits. For any players that received the wrong outfits from these bags, message me and I can swap them for the correct outfit.
  • Rundal Advanced Hardmode now has a chance to drop Dashing Pirate Boxes. These boxes will give a random outfit piece, weapon, or chair for the gender you are currently playing as, and also has a chance of dropping the special version of the outfit pre-enchanted with the "Awakened" enchant.
  • Revamped some of the enchant drops from Rundal Advanced Hardmode
  • Revamped some of the enchant drops from Ciar Advanced Hardmode
  • Implemented the Piercing Stat
  • Crossbows now have base Piercing, existing crossbows have been updated to have piercing
  • Fully implemented the Armor Pierce stat, Armor Pierce from stats, crossbow mastery, axe mastery, and for monsters that have base armor piercing set will now be applied
  • Fire Arrows now get relit with Arrow Revolver after each shot
  • Fixed an issue where archery with a bow didn't force you to a walk after loading a skill, crossbows still allow the user to keep running.
  • Fixed an issue where some skills such as Drop Kick could steal finishes that should belong to another player
  • Fixed partners not playing an animation on summon + not saying dialogue upon summon
  • Fixed partner equipment upgrade effects not applying upon summon or upon equipping the item
  • Nao stones no longer bless items upon revive, and players revive with 50% HP, 50% Stamina, 20% wounds healed, and no Mana Recovered
  • Increased the chance of getting wood boards from Ascon's Int and Adv PTJs, sometimes the number of wood boards is also increased
  • Ascon's Int PTJ now sometimes gives Fine Firewood instead of Average Firewood
  • Ascon's Adv PTJ now sometimes gives Finest Firewood instead of Fine Firewood

Extra Update that happened mid-week during a server restart but was undocumented:

  • Getting hit while mounted now causes both the rider and mount to take damage, the rider will take reduced damage
  • Getting killed on a mount or having the mount get killed or knocked down should now knock off all riders
  • Aggro should now get diverted to the mount if the target gets on a mount

Update 10/7/2023

  • Updated how Party Phoenix Feathers work, they should now be used on party members as soon as the usage is confirmed by the player.
  • Fix charge training not training for stopping an enemy's charge
  • Halloween Tokens are now fully untradable and drops from other player's kills can no longer be looted
  • Updated the description of Halloween Tokens to reflect how they are actually used in Auranogi
  • Innocent Zombies now have Full Melee resistance and are now vulnerable to Magic and Ranged attacks
  • Innocent Zombie aggro limit increased to 3 (shared with other types of Zombies)
  • Updated Volatile Zombies to use the proper model
  • Volatile Zombie aggro limit increased to 2 (shared with other types of Zombies)
  • The maximum amount of zombies that can be summoned at once has been decreased
  • Gold Bone Lancers, Fighters, and Archers no longer have the Heavy Stander skill
  • The Exploration Mastery: How to find things book is now fully tradable, and can now be placed on pets, in the bank, mailed, and sold in personal shops
  • Atlatls can now be upgraded at Karpfen in Taillteann
  • Fixed an issue where Atlatls showed that they had zero max upgrades, this value is now five. Existing Atlatls may still have 0 max upgrades (unconfirmed)
  • The following artisan upgrades are now available
Broad Axe
Battle Hammer
Great Sword
Vales Great Sword
Iron Mace
Warrior Axe
Great Mallet

8Reduced the repair cost of Shadow Brigade Crossbow to match the repair fee of the Highlander Long Bow

Update 10/2/2023 - Part 2

  • Fixed an issue where players and pets wouldn't get fully finished sometimes when killed by monsters, preventing revival
  • Fixed an issue where Zombie Attack Event points weren't resetting upon a new round starting
  • A random BGM from a set number of BGMs now starts playing when starting the Zombie Attack Event (by killing at least one zombie)
  • Modified drop rates for Alexina's Reward Chest, drop rate of potions has been decreased, Halloween Giftboxes may now drop from the chest, and slight modification of drop rates for other items
  • Successfully defending the camp now gives EXP, Exploration EXP, and Gold based on the number of points earned

Update 10/2/2023

  • New login screen for October
  • Added the brand new Zombie Attack Event and started the event
  • Started the Halloween Trick-Or-Treat Event
  • Fixed the knockdown gauge not updating properly when attacking a new target
  • Fixed Monday Bonus Chance for the Tailoring and Blacksmith skills

Update 9/30/2023

  • Fixed finish not being given to the correct creature when the killer was not in the same party as the person who was supposed to be the finisher.
  • Fixed Rano treasure chests sometimes not being openable
  • Fixed more memory leaks on the server backend

Update 9/25/2023

  • Fixed Arrows and Bolt stack size
  • Fixed the partner cooking action ignoring the once per day limit
  • Fixed Milking not giving production EXP
  • Fixed the transparency of walls in the Iria dungeon lobbies
  • New alias >rtimer can now be used for the >rebirthtimer command
  • New alias >sitem can now be used for the >searchitem command
  • >rebirthtimer will now show UTC Offset of the server to make it clear that the time could be in another timezone to theirs.
  • >rebirthtimer can now take an optional argument that is used as an UTC offset. (e.g >rtimer -4, >rtimer 6:30 so the user can send their UTC offset and see their last rebirth on their own timezone)
  • >searchitem will now be able to receive multiple words without needing to wrap them in quotes. (e.g >sitem base potion will now work, while before you would have had to do >searchitem "base potion")
  • >searchitem will now show "No Results." if no items are found.
  • >searchitem results in bags will now show a pocketId before the name (calculated as LinkedPocketId - 99) as a way to give the bag an id the user can use to help facilitate finding which bag an item is in, as the player becomes familiar with their bags and the "id" returned by this command. (e.g "Base Potion: In Bag 5, Carasek Bag")

Update 9/22/2023 (extra bug fix)

  • Fixed gathering exponentially giving more experience then it was supposed to, gathering was giving,
base exp * drop amount * drop amount 

instead of

base exp * drop amount.

Update 9/22/2023

  • Fixed the Mama Bear's tailoring pattern drop being blank, she should now properly drop a Tulip Headband Tailoring Pattern
  • The Youkai Island Haunted House will no longer warp you if you leave the house before the timer is up
  • Fixed some outfits using the wrong dye palette in slots 4, 5, and 6
  • Fixed an issue where the Developer's Anniversary Thank-you notes could be obtained on a character not set as the main character
  • Fixed an issue where monsters with the teleport skill could warp inside of collision
  • The deviation the cursor moves during the blacksmithing and tailoring minigames has been decreased at rank 5+ and removed entirely at rank 1.
  • Moving large distances on large maps (such as Rano) has been fixed and no longer will cause you to snap back to your original location
  • Experience is now earned by gathering, the experience rate is set to 1x the vanilla value
  • Experience is now earned by completing crafting, the experience rate is set to 2x the vanilla value (this is the same value official uses when a life talent is active)
  • Several memory leaks have been fixed on the server backend, this should help improve server performance

Update 9/18/2023

  • Normal attacks and Smash can no longer be used through collision
  • If you spawn inside of a prop (such as warping to a map inside of a campfire), or a prop spawns on top of you (such as an exploration artifact), you can now walk out of it from the inside
  • The Fox Ai has been revamped to work like it does on official servers

Update 9/16/2023

  • Fixed mailboxes consuming Gold when picking up an item from the mailbox while not having enough Gold
  • Potion Making and Handicraft recipes that return bottles now automatically stack empty bottles
  • Fixed 7th Anniversary Hot Day Event not giving rewards to some players and started a re-run of the event.

Update 9/13/2023

  • Anniversary Points for killing Trickster Nine-Tailed Fox increased to 500 from 250
  • All suspicious box monsters have had their anniversary point values increased by 2x
  • The daily Trickster Nine-Tailed Fox kill quest has been increased from 1000 points to 3000 points
  • Storybook Tir Chonaill daily event quests now reward Anniversary Points in addition to Coins and instant prize tickets.
  • Dual Gun normal attacks now increase the knockdown gauge more per hit on critical hits. Non critical hits are unchanged.

Update 9/10/2023

  • Fixed bonus drops from monsters spawned from the suspicious chest, they were being all given to the killer instead of to each individual player that hit the monster, these now correctly are given ownership to each player
  • Fixed the 550000 and 650000 milestone point rewards not being given out, these rewards have been reset if you claimed them previously
  • Rank 5+ campfires now change color based on the color of the wood used to create the fire. This unfortunately wasn't possible for the base campfire prop :(
  • Sword and Blunt ego awakenings can now score critical hits on targets hit by splash damage
  • Arrow Revolver damage increased per hit, it's now 110% > 120% > 125% > 145% > 190% on each hit
  • Arrow Revolver now automatically begins aiming again at the same target between shots, it's still possible to target a different target as normal.
  • The `>searchitem` command has been improved, it now searches the Main, personal, and VIP inventories and now searches tailoring and blacksmith manuals by the item produced by them.

Update 9/4/2023 (bug fixes edition)

  • Fixed the Suspicious Millitian in a Strange Land quest not being given out and not being able to be progressed.
  • Added extra method to gain the quest from Lorna using the "Thank You Note" option if the quest wasn't given when selecting a main character
  • Fixed issues on the backend when killing monsters

Update 9/4/2023

  • Added portrait for NPC Argel at Spiral Hill
  • Large Nails can now be placed in the Large Material Bag
  • Added some new rewards to the Anniversary Milestone Reward list and Cave Of Trials giftbox reward list
  • Dual Gun Mastery now ignores Defense (Protection still reduces damage) and has been changed from 50% damage per shot to 75% damage per shot.
  • Fixed an issue where 2nd titles weren't giving Alchemy damage bonuses
  • Added Spirit Weapon Awakenings, these become available after getting Spirit Weapons to Social Level 21 or higher. These skills have been released in their original forms, but are planned to be modified in the future.
  • Added Spirit Weapon Awakening to the obtainable skill list on the official wiki
  • Respite now can cure poison as soon as the skill starts the "praying" pose.
  • The Respite After-Effect will now start as soon as the "praying" pose starts, but will not give passive regeneration unless the skill finishes.
  • The Trickster Nine-Tailed Fox field boss notices now appear in the System Chat similar to other field bosses
  • New login screen for September
  • Started the 7th Anniversary Event

Update 8/28/2023

  • Started the Summer Den of Sahagins Event
  • Pets can now be mounted when they are moving
  • Adjusted prices of Javelins in Coco's Pon Shop, Bundle of Short Javelins (2000) are now 4000 pons and Bundle of Long Javelins (2000) is now 10000 pons
  • Fixed an issue where using a Fomor Command scroll would lock up your character
  • A message now displays if you gain exploration exp and you have an exploration cap quest to clear to uncap exploration level

Update 8/26/2023

  • Fixed damage for AR shots
    • Previously:
110 -> 105 -> 100 -> 95 -> 120
    • Now:
90 -> 95 -> 100 -> 105 -> 140
    • Total damage is still 530%, but each shot's damage matches official now.
  • Fixed the displayed Last Login date for guild members in the Guild List.
  • Fomor Command Scrolls now display in a system message in addition to showing in the scrolling marquee at the top of the screen
  • Added Bundle of Short Javelins (2000) for 8000 pons and Bundle of Long Javelins (2000) for 20000 pons in Coco's Pon Shop

Update 8/21/2023

  • Fixed Fomor Command Scrolls not dropping
  • Added Rano Field Boss Treasure Chests to normal Rano Field Bosses
  • Revamped Rano Giant Field Boss drop tables, all bosses will now have a single guaranteed drop that contains either a gem or gem powder. One other drop will have an * increased chance of dropping a boss part
  • Change to Giant Field Boss Experience. Experience and Exploration EXP from the field boss itself has been cut in half, while the other half will be given to all participants regardless of party, and will remain as the full 50% of EXP regardless of the number of participants
  • Started the Iria Treasure Hunt Event

Update 8/20/2023

  • Updated launcher online-list webpage to show current online and unique daily online players at the top of the page
  • The bottom of the launcher online-list now displays the current, daily, weekly, and monthly unique online player totals

Update 8/14/2023

  • Started the Break the Watermelon event
  • Added color names next to the color codes for ego glow color selection
  • Added applying idle motions from clothing in the dressing room. This will only work when wearing equipment that supports idle motions

Update 8/9/2023

  • Added Javelins and Training Mana Bullets to Tiro's Shop
  • Added more fixed dye colors to Kohaku's Amber Coin shop
  • Guild Application messages can now be seen by the Leader or Officiers by hovering over the name of the player applying to the guild in the guild panel
  • Support Shot now gives a damage bonus to melee skills (close combat, fighter skills, and Flash Launcher)
  • Improved the distance assault slash brings the user towards the target to chain into other skills smoothly
  • Blink settings can now be publicly be seen by other players instead of only being able to see your own settings
  • Fix for reintegrating with sprites
  • Fixed Makenna's Settings menu not working

Update 8/4/2023

  • Fixed guild robe visual display error (again, it should be fixed this time )
  • Added ability to promote/demote officers in Guilds. Up to 5 Officers may be set.
  • Fixed issues with dual wielding balance being inaccurate
  • Fixed an issue with trying to pay for mail using the direct deposit option from the bank
  • Windmill now uses the Age 17 range for characters and partners regardless of their model size

Update 7/31/2023

  • Started the Summer Den of Sahagins Event

Update 7/30/2023

  • Fixed an exploit where untradable items could be mailed
  • Added a portrait for NPC Kohaku

Update 7/29/2023

  • Added the Mail system, Mailboxes have been added near banks across Erinn
  • Fixed visual display errors with Guild Robes for other players
  • Fixed a bug where the dialogue could get stuck for Male Bow Egos when feeding them ocassionally.
  • Fixed progress rate for Blacksmithing and Tailoring to be more official-like. It also now possible to lose progress on a huge failure
  • Fixed a rare issue where you could get stuck when sketching

Update 7/24/2023

  • Started the Iria Treasure Hunt Event
  • High Gathering Speed Potion added to the drop pool for the daily advanced play item at the Bank
  • Improved handling of multiple knockdowns to decrease likelihood of desyncs
  • Fixed desync happening when loading rock throwing while running
  • Fixed visibility issues when changing regions at the same time as other players
  • Fixed being able to place Personal Shops outside of the valid personal shop zone
  • Fixed not being able to setup shops near Qilla Base Camp (and possibly other areas as well)
  • Improvement for desync on hits with low stun time
  • Added the >searchitem command, which will search the inventory, any bags, pets/partners, and the bank and will highlight any items that match the searched name. Additionally this command will also search enchants and enchanted equipment by name.
  • Fix for lock that sometimes occurs when defeating a field boss
  • Fix lock when aiming at an invalid target (such as when a monster vanishes in an Iria Dungeon)

Update 7/16/2023

  • Fixed damage for Ice Spear critical hits
  • Creating checks at the bank no longer costs a fee

Update 7/9/2023

  • Fix for desync issue for Rock Throwing

Update 7/5/2023

  • Fixed an issue where Imp Forest Geata was not spawning
  • Fixed an issue where resources didn't deallocate properly when exploration relics despawned, causing them to fail to respawn

Update 7/4/2023 (More bug fixes)

  • Fixed mushrooms spawning repeatedly every second

Update 7/4/2023

  • Fixed hot day event not being given to players who got the gift last 4th of July
  • Decreased the range of success for metallurgy to be closer to the size of the sparkle prop
  • Fixed an issue where metallurgy sometimes gathered from a sparkle prop that the player wasn't standing on or near

Update 7/3/2023 (extra bug fix)

  • Fixed issue with ego weapons not working from previous update

Update 7/3/2023

  • Potential fix for skill locks when using ranged skills
  • Started the Summer Fireworks Event
  • The Summer Fireworks Event trade-in now uses Hand-Crafted Fireworks Kits instead of Regular Fireworks Kits for the Regular Fireworks trade-in
  • Re-enabled ⁠in-game-chat webhook

Update 6/26/2023

  • Started the Summer Treasure Hunt Event
  • Added new daily quests to the Summer Treasure Hunt Event
  • Added some new items to the Summer Treasure Hunt Event (to normal and premium boxes)
  • Added the following items to Fiona's Red Coin shop:
- Skateboard
- Scooter Helmet
- Tech Chic Smart Scooter
  • Fireworks Kit handicraft recipe changed to Crafted Fireworks Kit

Update 6/25/2023

  • Fixed self-destruct not hitting other monsters
  • Fixed monster ensemble effects
  • Dark Knight will no longer cancel when going into deadly before the disarm condition starts
  • Field Bosses and Giant Field Bosses will no longer heal upon leveling up from killing monsters
  • Decreased range on Dragon's Petrifying Roar attack. Note: the attack range will still be larger than the visual effect for Prairie Dragons, it should match the animation for Cromm Cruiach and Desert Dragons

Update 6/19/2023

  • Started the Summer Sahagin's Den Event
  • Bags may no longer be sold to NPCs

Update 6/18/2023

  • Fixed an issue where the "deliver one glowing pot-belly spider leg" exploration quest was not checking for the correct item
  • Fixed an issue where homestead fishing ponds did not work in level 14/15 homesteads
  • Added homestead expansion permits, these can be purchased in the consumables tab in NPC Coco's shop. These permits require the Homestead to be at least Level 14 first.
Homestead Expansion Permit (Stage 1) - 9700 Pons
Homestead Expansion Permit (Stage 2) - 10500 Pons
Homestead Expansion Permit (Stage 3) - 11300 Pons
Homestead Expansion Permit (Stage 4) - 13200 Pons
Homestead Expansion Permit (Stage 5) - 14500 Pons
Homestead Expansion Permit (Stage 6) - 15800 Pons
  • A cutscene now plays when upgrading the homestead to level 2 from level 1.
  • It is now possible to reobtain Eiry after losing her. Talk to Duncan without having Eiry in your inventory and a new button to "Visit Eiry" will be added.
  • Eiry can be obtained by giving her a weapon she can imbue and 30 Elemental Removers. The weapon does not need proficiency, and a spirit fossil is not needed, but only the following select weapons will be available to house Eiry:
 Short Sword
 Short Bow
 Great Mallet
  • Eiry cannot be obtained if you already have a Spirit Weapon and regular Spirit Weapons cannot be made if you still possess Eiry, so you must destroy the weapon first in order to obtain a regular Spirit Weapon.

Update 6/12/2023

  • Fixed an issue where the Iria Treasure Chest Weekly quests were not being given upon login.

Update 6/11/2023

  • Attempted fix for errors during feeding female bow spirit weapons (Please report if issues persist)
  • Added Herring as a possible drop to Port Cobh's fishing drop table
  • Added Herring, Rano Salmon, and Yellowfin Tuna as possible drops to the Fishing Boat's drop table
  • Implemented Homestead Fishing Ponds
  • Ranking up the fishing skill will now correctly increase the chance of a fish biting the fishing hook
  • Added new weekly event quests for the upcoming Iria Treasure Hunt Event
  • Increased the drop rates of Red Coins from monster kills
  • Fixed an issue where there was an off by one error for upgrading the Guild Level, where it was requiring 1 Gold and 1 Guild Point more than the actual requirement

Update 6/6/2023

  • Attempted fix for receiving Weekly Quests for players that have no received them yet
  • Dragon Dash Attack will now miss if the target is knocked down
  • Dragon Dash Attack's damage will be reduced the further away the target is from the monster
  • The following skills no longer cause wound
Dragon Dash Attack
Petrifying Roar
Dragon Tail Attack
Sandworm Melee Attack
  • All normal Rano Field Bosses have had their spawn time increased to 36 minutes (1 in-game day)
  • Giant Field Bosses now ignore the ai reset from being hit with Windmill
  • The rates of using different attack patterns for the prairie dragon has been modified
  • Reworked the desert dragon 's ai attack patterns. The desert dragon will also become more aggressive below 5% hp.
  • The prairie dragon and desert dragon will no longer use dragon dash attack when in their idle aggro state.

Update 6/1/2023

  • New Login Screen for Summer
  • Started the Summer Extravaganza Event and Break the Watermelon Event
  • Fixed an issue where some Homestead Props would become invisible (if issues persist, please report)

Update 5/28/2023 (Stuff I fixed last week, but forgot to put in patch notes edition)

  • Fixed Splash Radius upgrades
  • Fixed Splash Damage upgrades
  • Fixed Bullet Magazine Expansion upgrades (Note, the maximum bullet count will display incorrectly on the gun, but it will reload to the correct value)

Update 5/27/2023'

  • Changed when the stun calculation is made for Urgent Shot
  • Fixed Dragon Dash Attack's animation and movement speed for Giant Field Bosses
  • Fixed Dragon Dash Attack, Dragon Tail Attack, Petrifying Roar, Dragon Fireball, Sandworm Melee Attack, and Armor Bear Roar not being able to do damage/kill players.
  • Dragon Fireball now gives priority to weighted targets before random targets if its main target is blocked by collision, and will target a random creature (player, npc, or monster) if no weighted targets are in range
  • Monsters now add targets to the weighted aggro list, even if the target hasn't damaged them yet
  • Dragon Dash Attack now targets a random weighted target in range instead of focusing on its aggro'd target. If no weighted targets are in range, it will select a random creature (player, npc, or monster) to target instead.
  • Fixed an issue where Makenna would give the option to hide the Giant Field Boss notification even when it was already enabled if this setting hasn't been toggled before

Update 5/26/2023

  • Fixed Stomp being blocked by defense before it was fully prepared
  • Fixed a lock that could happen when using Urgent Shot
  • Urgent Shot's stun is no longer reduced by Natural Shield
  • Improved Dragon Dash Attack's animations
  • Using Play Dead now makes players dodge Dragon Dash Attack
  • Added the following Giant Field Bosses to Rano
Giant Sandworm
Prairie Dragon
Desert Dragon
  • Giant Field Bosses now display Health Bars and have unique Boss Music themes
  • Giant Field Boss notices now appear to all players in all regions, these notices may be toggled off by talking to Makenna and selecting to disable Giant Field Boss Notications. This setting is on by default.
  • Revamped the drop tables for the Giant Sandworm, Prairie Dragon, and Desert Dragon.
  • The Giant Sandworm and Prairie Dragon now give 2 contributor drops per player that contributed damage instead of 1.
  • The Desert Dragon now gives 3 contributor drops per player that contributed damage instead of 1.
  • Giant Sandworm, Prairie Dragon, and Desert Dragon spawn uptime has been increased from 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  • The Prairie Dragon and Desert Dragon respawn time has been reduced to 12 to 24 hours.
  • Dragon Footprint artifacts can now be found near the Prairie Dragon and Desert Dragon's spawn locations.
  • Added the following Exploration Quests
I'm looking for 1 Desert Dragon Claw.
I'm looking for 1 Desert Dragon Scale.
I'm looking for some Desert Dragon Blood.
I'm looking for 1 Desert Dragon Bone.
I'm looking for 1 Desert Dragon Eye.
I'm looking for 1 Desert Dragon Heart.
I'm looking for 1 Prairie Dragon Claw.
I'm looking for 1 Prairie Dragon Scale.
I'm looking for Prairie Dragon Blood.
I'm looking for 1 Prairie Dragon Bone.
I'm looking for 1 Prairie Dragon Eye.
I'm looking for 1 Prairie Dragon Heart.
Looking for 1 Giant Sandworm Scale
Looking for 1 Giant Sandworm Eye
Looking for 1 Giant Sandworm Leg
Sketch the footprint of the Dragon in Maiz Prairie
Sketch the dragon footprint at Muyu Desert
  • White Pillow Feathers' despawn time has been increased to 20 minutes

Update 5/20/2023

  • Added Magic Music, there is now a chance of magic music being applied to scores scrolls when composing music when the player has both Rank 9 or higher Composing and Musical Knowledge.
  • The following monsters are now capable of using Magic Music
Yellow Succubus (Rabbie Advanced)
Bard Skeleton (Ciar Advanced)
White New Gremlin (Barri Advanced)
Black New Gremlin (Barri Advanced)

Update 5/15/2023

  • Started the Pillow Fight Event
  • Made slight adjustments to the Pillow Fight Event drop table

Update 5/8/2023

  • Fixed an issue where the partner quest "Clear Fiodh Advanced Dungeon" was unclearable
  • Added the following items to Scarlett's shop
 Eluned Loose-fit Knitwear (F)
 Oversized Shirt (F)
 Oversized Shirt and Stockings (F)
 Eluned Oversized Shirt (M)
 Eluned Oversized Shirt and Stockings (M)
  • The Rem and Ram wigs sold in Scarlett's shop now have 3 dye slots instead of 1. Existing wigs are unchanged.
  • Added the following pets to Coco's shop
 White Thunderspaniel
 White Hedgehog
 Black Hedgehog
 White Ferret
 Black Ferret
 White Poodle
 Brown Poodle
  • The following pets now have an ensemble effect when summoned near each other
 Dapple Thunderspaniel and White Thunderspaniel
 White Hedgehog and Black Hedgehog
 White Ferret and Black Ferret
 White Poodle and Brown Poodle
  • The following monsters now have an ensemble effect when spawned near each other
 King Slate and Queen Slate
 Pink Advanced Succubus and Red Advanced Succubus
 Ciar Adv Mini Black Golem and Summoned Metal Skeleton (Ciar Adv)
 Banshee and her Summoned Ghosts
 Blue New Gremlin and Pink New Gremlin
 Mama Bear and Baby Bear
  • Small Arguses found in various dungeons can now spawn in different colors
  • Fixed an issue where the Dark Knight Transformation reduced the user's Stamina
  • Urgent Shot can now knock down targets that activate Natural Shield
  • Implemented Urgent Shot's master title
  • Added Missing Dark Knight Keyword responses to NPCs in Dunbarton, Bangor, and for Tin
  • The Bard Skeleton will stay in place when it begins using Playing Instrument now in order to continue playing the music
  • Revamped Item Drop Rates to make them more official-like for official monsters. Multi-drops will still remain enabled.
  • Reduced server item drop rate to 1x, however most items now have much higher drop rates. Tuesday and Wednesday drop bonuses remain unchanged. Some custom item drops have been modified to reflect the changed rates. Drop rates may be subject to further change.
  • The Monster Database on the wiki has been updated to reflect drop changes
  • Fixed an issue where some fighter and gun skills could kill targets multiple times (and get multiple drops and EXP)
  • Fixed an issue where some Gunner and Fighter skills ignored invincibility frames

Update 5/1/2023 (Second update edition)

  • Fixed an issue where the Dark Knight quest dungeons could not be entered
  • Added the Urgent Shot Skill and Urgent Shot Skill Quest
  • Added Campfire Sharing
  • Added the Sniper Title, obtained by getting all Non-Race Specific Ranged Skills to Rank 1
  • Added Urgent Shot to the official wiki's Obtainable Skills List
  • Added the Urgent Shot quest, Creating Opportunity from Crisis to the Skill Quests page on the official wiki

Update 5/1/2023

  • Started the Den of Sahagins Event
  • New Login Screen for May
  • Added the Generation 3: Dark Knight Questline, available for Humans who have completed the Generation 3 Mainstream
  • Added the Soul of Chaos (Dark Knight) Transformation, which can be obtained by completing the Dark Knight Questline. Notice: Control of Darkness is not implemented yet and will be made available at a later date.
  • Speaking dialogue from the Dark Knight Armor now appears in Red Text
  • Respite's passive regeneration buffs will be nullified when the Respite After Effect condition is active at the same time as Dark Knight's Disarm Debuff.
  • Paladin Versus Dark Knight is now available in Rabbie Arena
  • Added keyword some missing keyword Dark Knight responses to some Tir Chonaill NPCs, Tarlach, Dougal, Tracy, Kristell, and Stewart.
  • Updated official wiki's Obtainable Skills List, to include the Dark Knight skills.

Update 4/24/2023

  • Comgan can now give you a new Brown Fomor Pass for Barri Dungeon during G1 if you lose the Fomor Token or don't pick it up from the chest
  • Attempted fix for the out of bounds issues in the G3 statue restoration dungeons
  • Fix for MP usage during batch production for Potion Making
  • Added the Tumble Skill
  • The Tumble Skill now updates your position while the skill is in use, instead of when it completes
  • Added the Respite Skill
  • Respite now restores Wounds once you reach a specific rank
  • Respite now passively heals HP, Wounds, and Stamina while the Respite After Effect is active
  • Respite's After Effect has been reduced to last 120 seconds from 180 seconds
  • Added a skill quest to learn Respite, which is given after learning Spinning Uppercut
  • Added a skill quest to learn Tumble, which is given after learning Respite
  • The Drop Kick skill quest was changed to be given after learning Tumble
  • The Combo Mastery skill quest was changed to be given after learning Drop Kick
  • Updated available Skills List to include Respite and Tumble on the official wiki
  • Updated the Skill Quest page on the official wiki to include the Respite and Tumble quests, and changes for the Drop Kick and Combo Mastery quests.

Update 4/23/2023

  • Fixed the Aodhan's past cutscene not playing during G3 when trying to enter the Emain Macha Castle Throne Room
  • Fixed being able to enter the G2 Spirit Animal RPs with a pet summoned
  • Fixed no animation playing after burning an item in a campfire
  • Fixed firewood/campfire bonuses not being applied when burning enchants at a campfire
  • Fixed some cutscenes playing incorrectly when entering a floor during the G3 statue restoration dungeons
  • Fixed cast cancelling when casting stackable skills like magic or alchemy, canceling will now only cancel casting instead of cancelling the whole skill
  • Magic skills now receive damage bonuses from Damage Enchants

Update 4/22/2023 (Bug fixes)

  • Fixed some typos in the G3 Script
  • Fixed an issue where the Spirit Forming Bottle wasn't dropping from Solo Rabbie Dungeon when the Holy Potion of Lymilark quest was active

Update 4/22/2023

  • Added the remaining Generation 3 Mainstream Quests (The Entire Generation 3 Mainstream Quest is now available)
  • Baol Infiltration Dungeon has been set to 3 Floors, after failing the dungeon an option is given to drop the difficulty to Easy Mode (1 Floor), once selected the 3 Floor version cannot be retried.
  • The Chapter Info UI has been updated to include Generation 3
  • The prerequisites listed in the Chapter Info UI have been updated to reflect what is required to start these quests on Auranogi.
  • Added punctuation for some Loading Screen tips
  • Tailoring Manuals and Tailoring Kits can now be placed in the Material Bag
  • Fixed an issue where the Forest Guardian Captain could not be sketched
  • Added Burn Entrusts
  • Fixed an issue where items were not appearing in the UI for entrustees for Enchant and Burn Entrusts
  • Fixed an issue with countering Smash multiple times against the same enemy, this may still be an issue for players that have the Reserve Attack feature set below "Once"

Update 4/15/2023

  • Added batch production for Handicraft, Milling, Potion Making, Refining, Weaving, and Carpentry
  • Fixed a skill lock issue for Bullet Slide
  • Implemented saving character filters and favorites on the Character Select screen
  • Fixed the confirmation dialogue not appearing when clicking on the Goddess Statue at the end of a Dungeon
  • Fixed an issue where the crafted item id was desynced on the manual between the client and server for the Male and Female Shadow Brigade Clothes
  • Decreased the amount of durability the Leather Refining kit uses for changing common to fine leather and fine to finest leather
  • Increased the stack size of Tough Thread to 100
  • Increased the stack size of Base Potions to 100
  • Increased the stack size of Spirit Fossils to 50
  • The Spirit Weapon feeding window now displays Gems first before other items
  • Extra Equipment Slot equipment no longer appears in the Spirit Weapon feeding window
  • Removed age restrictions from all Magical Clothing that had them
  • Translated the name of the Cat NPCs summoned by the Neko Knights in Nekojima
  • Fixed numerous typos

Update 4/13/2023

  • Fixed an issue that could cause a rare server crash when applying poison to a target

Update 4/12/2023

  • Added Fiodh Advanced Dungeon
  • Updated some drops for Fiodh Advanced Dungeon
  • Fiodh Advanced Fomor Passes can now be purchased from the Suspicious Pass Seller behind the Tir Chonaill Bank and from the Researcher near the Poulnabrone Stone in Dunbarton
  • Fiodh Advanced Fomor Passes now drop from all forms of Fiodh Dungeon
  • Maid and Butler partners now have a chance of giving a quest to clear Fiodh Advanced Dungeon
  • Fiodh Advanced can now be entered using an Unrestricted Pass
  • Dropped event easter eggs now take 20 minutes to despawn
  • Fixed issues with some monster AI where they would use the incorrect pattern when hit with Ranged skills or Magic skills
  • Updated the Researcher's dialogue on Fiodh to mention the Advanced difficulty (edited)

Update 4/8/2023

  • Fixed issues with yesterday's Water Cannon changes, fixes an issue where the user's stun time after using the skill was being incorrectly nullified, mana deflector now correctly reduces target's stun time
  • Improved issues with Monster AI desync when stun time was being reduced, desync caused from lowered stun time or bounces should be less frequent
  • The Tidal Wave Cylinder Blacksmith Manual has been added to Rundal Adv Hardmode, the Highlander Claymore Blacksmith Manual has been removed from it.
  • The Highlander Claymore Blacksmith Manual now drops from Peaca Normal
  • Radiant Tough String and the Dragon Fang Blacksmith Manual now can drop from Peaca Basic
  • Fixed an issue where Unrestricted Dungeon Passes were not working for Fiodh Dungeon

Update 4/7/2023 (Game Server)

  • Fixed bugged enchant scroll drop in the Smell of Wine Shadow Mission that prevented the mission from clearing properly
  • Fixed prices of multiple equipment items in Elen's shop so that they have a discount
  • Added vanilla blacksmith manuals for several items in Gilmore's shop that were not included in the Blacksmith revamp
  Blacksmith Manual - Spiked Cap
  Blacksmith Manual - Ulna Protector Gloves
  Blacksmith Manual - Evil Dying Crown
  Blacksmith Manual - Dragon Crest
  Blacksmith Manual - Iron Mask Headgear
  Blacksmith Manual - Pelican Protector
  • Fixed an issue where Mana Deflector wasn't reducing stun time for Water Cannon
  • Flameburst now takes target's hitboxes into account instead of aiming for the center of their hitbox
  • L-Rod Exploration now uncovers artifacts based on where the player clicks instead of where the player is standing
  • L-Rod Exploration now beeps 4 times when standing in range of an artifact
  • Windmill can no longer target enemies through collision
  • Partner gathering can now give bonuses to the number of homestead stones that drop when mining homestead stones
  • Easter egg drop rates have been rebalanced. Monsters above certain CP thresholds have a minimum drop rate set now (drop rates that were higher than the threshold remain and are still affected by CP)
  • Easter egg drop rates are now affected by drop rate up days
  • Easter egg drop rates are now increased by 1.5x for Ancient monsters
  • Thunder now only knocks down on the final strike
  • Fixed some minor typos

Update 4/7/2023 (Web)

  • Fixed some typos of the Beginner Quests (Uladh)
  • Added new Beginner Quests (Rano) page and added it to the Sidebar

Update 4/1/2023

  • New login screen for April
  • Started the Ferghus's Amazing Wings Event
  • Started the Moon Bunny's Easter Event
  • Re-enabled using Stomp on stunned/knocked down enemies
  • Fixed damage being too low with normal attacks for players/pets/monsters when bare-handed
  • Fixed damage being too high with normal attacks for players/pets/monsters when wielding weapons
  • Fixed typos in the "Collect the Skeleton Soldier's Fomor Scrolls" quest
  • The Yellow Succubus in Rabbie Advanced now drops clothing when hit with a Critical Lightningbolt instead of requiring a knockdown with a Critical Lightningbolt

Update 3/24/2023

  • Fixed an issue where normal attacks could cause a knockback on a target using defense
  • Stomp will now stop movement upon loading the skill
  • Fixed training for "Attack enemy of a similar rank" for several ranks of Stomp
  • Fixed some issues with defense handling for Stomp
  • Fixed an issue where some types of Desert Spiders could give you petrification that persisted until logout, petrification from these monsters will now last 3 seconds instead

Update 3/19/2023

  • Added optional beginner quest to learn how to use Milling in Tir Chonaill, by talking to Caitin with the Skills keyword
  • Added new Skill keyword dialogue to Caitin after accepting the new beginner quest
  • Added the Stomp Skill for Giants
  • Added a new skill quest to learn Stomp in Uladh for Giants, which can be gained after talking to Ranald with the Skills keyword after learning the Windmill skill
  • Fixed an issue where Magic Mastery trained when killing a mob instead of when finishing a mob
  • Fixed issues with several Throwing Attack training requirements
  • Added support for creating Cylinder Spirit Weapons and 2nd Tier Wands (Phoenix Fire Wand, Lightning Crystal Wand, Crown Ice Wand, and Tikka Wood Healing Wand)
  • Added Stomp Skill to the Available Skill list on the official wiki
  • Added the "Learning Stomp" Skill Quest to the Skill Quests page on the official wiki

Update 3/13/2023

  • Added the Evasion Skill, currently capped at Rank 6
  • Added the Evasion Skill quest, which can be started by talking to Glewyas with Rank C+ Combat Mastery
  • The Unknown Men bosses in Muyu Desert Ruins are now capable of using the Evasion Skill
  • Updated the Obtainable Skills List on the official wiki to include Evasion
  • Updated the Skills Quest page on the official wiki to include the Evasion skill quest
  • Made fixes to Elf Ranged aiming

Update 3/11/2023

  • Fixed Throwing Attack not knocking down targets put into deadly
  • Fixed Throwing Attack not receiving proper damage reductions from defense, protection, and natural shield
  • Fix for Atlatls not gaining proficiency or losing durability upon using Throwing Attack
  • Fix for not being able to reaccept the Thunder skill quest after forfeiting it
  • Attempted fix to prevent dead monsters from countering with instinctive reaction (If this occurs again please report)
  • Fix for Melee Damage Calculations
  • Added >rebirthtimer command, which will show you how much time is left until you can rebirth again and what date you last rebirthed on.
  • Updated User Commands on the official wiki to show the new >rebirthtimer command

Update 3/4/2023 (bug fixes)

  • Added handling for the Beginner and Premium Character Card Giftboxes from selecting to trade a character card in, the outfit given is dependent on your character's gender.
  • Fixed an issue causing exceptions from any creature that had no weapon equipped

Update 3/4/2023

  • Added Edern's missing PTJ responses when taking a PTJ for the first time.
  • Fixed an issue where the Latency Compensation (LagComp) feature had unintended effects with life skills, life skills will no longer be affected by Latency Compensation
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes killing self-destructing monsters with windmill could lock up the dungeon.
  • Swords that are not supposed to be dual wielded can no longer be given to a partner's left-hand slot
  • Newly obtained items will now prioritize bags without tags before bags with tags set that do not match the tags on the obtained item
  • Fix critical damage formula for all implemented skills, the additional damage from the Critical Hit will now always use the skill's maximum possible damage (the base damage is still affected by min/max attack balance)
  • Knuckle/Fighter damage calculation now applies weapon damage.
  • Fighter damage calculation no longer adds melee str bonus damage.
  • Dual Gun damage calculation now applies weapon damage stats.
  • Dual gun damage calculation no longer adds melee str bonus damage.
  • Fixed an issue where Lightningbolt wasn't applying elemental damage
  • Server Side skill cooldowns have be re-enabled, with some overcorrection for possible latency between client and server
  • Updated the tooltip for the Master of Chain Cylinder skill to reflect the effects it uses on the server side
  • MP from the Master of Chain Cylinder title has been decreased from -20 MP to -10 MP
  • Fixed a bug with Alchemy damage calculation that capped the bonus from HP/MP/Stamina after applying the damage modifier instead of doing it before applying the damage modifier
  • Fixed the color of dropped Pons from Exploration Chests, they now appear Flashy Blue like Pons dropped from monsters
  • Fix for Vales Shield not being dyable (3rd time's the charm... right???)
  • Added the Throwing Attack Skill
  • Throwing Attack can now be learned by Giants by equipping an Atlatl
  • Cooldown for all ranks of Throwing Attack has been changed to 7 seconds, the in-game tooltips have been updated to reflect this
  • Charge can now block Throwing Attack
  • Feather and Wood Atlatls as well as Javalins can now be purchased from Kayna in Port Cobh, the Giant Supply Guard in Taillteann, Colm in Tara, and the Royal Weaponsmith in Tara
  • Updated Available Skill List on the Official Wiki to include Throwing Attack
  • Fixed Artisan Upgrade removal kits not being able to be used on Shields, Clothing, and Armor. Note: This does not affect existing items, if you want to reroll an existing shield, I will have to assist you with creating a replacement item.
  • Fixed an issue where you could place quest scrolls/Notes in a Bottle on pets, this is no longer possible
  • Attempted fix to prevent Grapple Shot from placing players out of bounds when used on targets with large hitboxes

Update 3/1/2023

  • Started the St. Patrick's Day Event
  • Added new quest in Rano for the St. Patrick's Day Event
  • Minor drop changes to Rabbie Lucky Four-Leaf Clover Dungeon
  • Rabbie Lucky Four-Leaf Clover Dungeon can now only be done during the event period

Update 2/28/2023

  • Fixed an issue where charge did not block magnum shot when charging without a shield for Giant characters

Update 2/24/2023

  • Fixed an issue where Grapple Shot caused client crashes
  • Fixed an issue where Partner Play Dead caused partners to get stuck/become dead
  • Partner Equipment that gets sent to the partner's temporary inventory due to there being no space in their inventory will now get sent to their Master's temporary inventory upon resummon
  • The inventory icons for Amethysts and Spodumenes has been updated and these gems now take 1x1 inventory space
  • Fixed cooked items not being able to reach Delicious quality rating if they had optional ingredients
  • Increased the number of bosses in the Karu Glowing Part and Glowing Statue Dungeons from 1 boss to 3 bosses
  • Increased the drop rate of Exploration Journal Page 3 from Karu Glowing Statue Bosses
  • Added new equipment drops to all Karu Glowing Part and Glowing Statue Dungeons
  • Statue Part Urns now have a chance of dropping from Karu Glowing Part dungeons, containing a random glowing statue piece matching the type of monster the dungeon belongs too
  • Stone Gargoyle's Urn now has a chance of dropping from Maiz Glowing Gargoyle Part dungeons, it can contain regular gargoyle parts or glowing gargoyle parts.
  • All Glowing Karu and Maiz dungeons now have a low chance of dropping a Glowing Statue Pot, which contains a random Glowing Statue
  • Gold Mask Ghosts now take 3x damage to attackers that are equipped with Snake Gauntlets

Update 2/19/2023 (2)

  • Fixed an issue where Play Dead killed you
  • The quest "Angler's Basics" now gives 15 AP in addition to the Marlin Robe

Update 2/19/2023

  • Slightly increased drop rates of Radiant Tough Strings from Adv Hardmode Dungeons
  • Fixed some Desync issues with the Play Dead action
  • Added support for Item Specific bags getting priority sorting when obtaining new items (Luxury Clothing Bag, Alchemy Bag, Potion Bag, Gem Bag, etc...)
  • Added support for priority sorting on regular bags by setting a tag for specific item types when obtaining new items, this has priority after Item Specific bags.
  • Fixed a bug where Sword Mastery and Blunt Weapon Mastery were applied twice when dual wielding, these effects will now only be applied once.
  • Fixed desync issue with Rua that prevented her from properly appearing on her set schedule. The schedule is now set to match US Standard Mountain Time and may be off slightly from online trackers
  • Fixed the appearance of some Bean Rua Employee NPCs
  • Fixed an issue where Firebolt wasn't properly fully filling the knockdown gauge upon knockdown

Update 2/15/2023

  • Fixed more potential server stability issues
  • Fixed an issue where some Blacksmith manuals were requiring the Blacksmith Talent to equip
  • Translated the Fairy Feather Bow Blacksmith Manual
  • Added the Note in the Bottle quests to Port Ceann and Emain Macha's Fishing drop tables
  • Added scrapped Fishing Boat Quest "Angler's Basics" that rewards a Marlin Robe
  • Added AI that was missing to the Lost Resident NPC in the Rescue Resident tutorial quest
  • Updated Dialogue for the Lost Resident NPC to use official EU dialogue instead of custom placeholder dialogue

Update 2/12/2023

  • Fixed an issue with finishes where monsters would sometimes lock up upon death, which sometimes also caused dungeons to stop working properly. This issue was also the cause of the server crash and is now resolved.
  • Updated the dropped item model for Amethyst to appear closer to the inventory appearance
  • Increased the amount of EXP regular (non-Nekojima) gems give when feeding them to Ego weapons
  • Added Buttons which can be created using the Handicraft skill. It is a material for some custom Tailoring Recipes
  • Spirit Weapon Repair Potion (1-5) renamed to Spirit Weapon Repair Potion (5), this item now always repairs 5 points of durability.
  • Spirit Weapon Repair Potion (6-10) renamed to Spirit Weapon Repair Potion (10), this item now always repairs 10 points of durability.
  • Fixed an issue where Special Camping Wear outfit manuals were not correctly accepting Magical Golden Thread for their recipe
  • Added Tailoring Patterns for the Crazy Rich and Eluned Crazy Rich Millitian outfits in Fleta's shop (all manuals are Rank 4)
  • Added Tailoring Patterns for the Graffiti Streetwear set in Fleta's shop (all manuals are Rank 3)
  • Added Tailoring Patterns for the following items in Walter's Shop in Dunbarton
  Everyday Wig (F) - Rank B
  Everyday Hat and Wig (F) - Rank A
  Everyday Hoodie (M) - Rank A
  Everyday Hoodie (F) - Rank A
  Lime Sprite - 7200 Pons
  Everyday Sneakers - Rank C
  • Added Tailoring Patterns for the following items in Ilsa's shop in Tara
  Party Ensemble (M) - Rank 5
  Party Ensemble (F) - Rank 5
  Cute Princess Dress - Rank 3
  Romantic Evening Dress - Rank A
  Romantic Tailcoat - Rank A
  Enamel Pumps - Rank 8
  Classic Shoes - Rank 8
  • Added Tailoring Patterns Steam Engineer set to Tama's shop in Chisai Village in the new Production Manuals tab, all manuals are Rank 2
  • Added the following Tailoring Patterns to Tama's shop, all of the below patterns are Rank 1
  Steampunk Leather Goggles
  Steampunk Rebreather Mask
  Steampunk Crosshair Eyepatch and Mask
  Anthracite Machina Wings
  Rose Gold Machina Wings
  Electrum Machina Wings
  Anthracite Gearbolt Wings
  Rose Gold Gearbolt Wings
  Electrum Gearbolt Wings
  • Large Material Bag (Unopened) can now be traded, stored in the bank, and dropped
  • Fixed Flash Launcher not displaying all of its training requirements in the tool tip and showing an incorrect exp value

Update 2/5/2023 (Extra bug fixes)

  • Fixed not being able to attack while being unified with a sprite
  • Fixed an error happening when creatures without a mount were being knocked down
  • Fixed an issue where you could try to mount a creature with a sprite unified, mounting will now be denied if a sprite is currently attached

Update 2/5/2023

  • Added the Latency Compensation Feature. This feature is off by default, but can be enabled using the >lagcomp command in game. This feature will try to make up the difference between latency you are receiving to the server and skill load times.
  • Fixed an issue where pet finish tags were not appearing when in a party with the Biggest Contributor rule set
  • Party member's pets now appear in the Party UI
  • Fixed an issue where the Party UI didn't display Wound properly
  • Fixed an issue with rank 7 Drop Kick's training requirements. The current requirements for anyone on this rank may have strange values.
  • Added the "Request Mount" feature to party member's mounts
  • Implemented 2-Seater mounts, these mounts allow you to mount yourself and a party member together. There is currently an issue where the pet's owner will not remount between warps (the party member will automatically remount if the mount is close enough when they load into the map)
  • Added sprite pets that can integrate onto your back. These pets will always have a companion bonus active and give a protection and defense bonus when integrated with. The is currently an issue where the hotkey to integrate won't work after unmounting the sprite. It's still possible to re-integrate by selecting the option in the context menu or resummoning the pet.
  • The following pets have been added to NPC Coco's shop
   Haflinger - 9500 Pons
  Shire (Color-Selectable) - 9900 Pons
  Unicorn (Color-Selectable) - 10900 Pons
  Yellow Sprite - 6800 Pons
  Lime Sprite - 7200 Pons
  Rainbow Sprite - 8100 Pons
  • The Black Ostrich pet can now be mounted by 2 players
  • Various text issues have been corrected

Update 1/28/2023

  • Greatly increased the drop rate for Pure White Dust, Refined Catalyst, and Restorative Powder for all dungeons that drop them
  • Fixed an issue where loading (before using it) windmill made you invincible to self*destruct (you are still invincible during invincibility frames)
  • Fixed an issue where monsters with self*destruct only exploded on finish and not on death
  • Updated Nekojima gems that reuse an inventory icon to have new inventory icons. Existing gems may display in an incorrect color.
  • Fixed an issue where the finishing blow to a monster didn't contribute towards who was the biggest contributor for the finish
  • All versions of Math Adv have been reduced to 2 floors
  • Production Boost Potions now stay active for their entire duration instead of being used up after a single craft. Item descriptions have been updated.

Update 1/23/2023

  • Fix for Ego Friend titles being given too early. Players now gain knowledge of the title at level 10 social and gain the title at level 20 social
  • Fixed the bug that occasionally made players unable to directly attack targets
  • Minor text fixes for NPC Price's chat dialogue
  • Added Leather drops to Math Adv Red Kobold and Red Kobold Archers

Update 1/22/2023

  • Fixed a bug where Spirit Stones were not being consumed upon Spirit Weapon creation
  • Fixed a bug where players could attempt to use weapons not compatible with the spirit weapon system and continue past the naming step and consume the spirit weapon creation materials, but not receive a spirit weapon. Attempting to use uncompatible weapons will now block continuing further.
  • Implemented the "See Info on Spirit Weapon" button to view information on spirit weapons other players have equipped.
  • Added Refined Catalyst as a drop in Basic Uladh Dungeons and above, All Hardmode Dungeons, and Peaca Normal Dungeon.
  • Added Restorative Powder as a drop in Adv Uladh Dungeons (except for Math Adv), Hardmode Int/Adv Dungeons, Peaca Normal Dungeon, Peaca Basic Dungeon, and Coill Basic Dungeon.
  • Implemented Production Boost Potions. These can be created using Potion Making.
  • Modified the Potion Making recipes for the Ego Repair Potions and Spirit Liqueur of Blessing
  • The Ego Repair Potions, Spirit Liqueur of Blessing, and Tendering Potion recipes now display the amount of MP required to craft them in the description in the crafting UI
  • Players and NPCs no longer make a face when their chat includes "?" in it
  • Added Spirit Weapon Fixed Dyes in NPC Coco's Shop for 3000 Pons each
  • Baby Pig pets now start with a Pig Cooking Pot in their inventory
  • Spirit Liqueur of Blessing now only repairs up to 1/4 of a spirit weapon's maximum durability instead of 1/2 of a spirit weapon's maximum durability

  • Some previously inaccessible keyword dialogue for spirits has lowered the required Social Level to read it (It required over level 50 Social previously)
  • Halved the amount of Social Levels it takes to change the Ego Weapon color (example: level 50's color is now given at level 25 social, while the inaccessible level 100's color is now given at level 50)
  • NPC Ailionoa now sells Kirin's Winter Angel Boots

Update 1/21/2023

  • New Login Screen for the new update
  • Added the Spirit Weapon system. All Classic Spirit weapons available on the NA server will be available (granted that the base weapon is available), with the exception of Cylinders and Int level wands (Phoenix Fire Wand, Crown Ice Wand, Crystal Lightning Wand, and Tikka Healing Wand), these will be available in a future update.
  • Added the Ancient Spirit Magic Quest, this quest can be started by talking to NPC Aodhan with the Private Story Keyword with a weapon that has 100 proficiency
  • Added Barri Spirit Mine Dungeon, passes can be purchased from NPC Gilmore after progressing far enough in the Ancient Spirit Magic Quest
  • Added Spirit Weapon Fossil refining to NPC Edern
  • Added Spirit Weapon creation and destruction via the Spirit Weapon's Contract at NPC Tarlach
  • The maximum number of Spirit Weapons you can own is currently 1, but this may increase in future updates
  • Performing Spirit Weapon Repair using a weapon at 100 proficiency will set the success rate to 100%
  • The following Potion Making Recipes have been added
  • Tendering Potion (Rank C)
  • Special Tendering Potion S (Rank 9)
  • Special Tendering Potion SS (Rank 5)
  • Special Tendering Potion SSS (Rank 1)
  • Spirit Liqueur of Blessing (Rank 3)
  • Spirit Weapon Repair Potion (1*5) (Rank 9)
  • Spirit Weapon Repair Potion (6*10) (Rank 5)
  • Special Tendering Potion SSS's duration has been increased from 10 minutes to 60 minutes (Other Special Tendering Potions already last 60 minutes)
  • Fallen Angel Wings are now dyeable
  • Empty Bottles, Bottles of Water, and Bottles of Milk now stack to 100
  • Updated descriptions for the Block of Cheese and Golden Rat's Envelope passes used for the Chisai questline
  • The Block of Cheese (For Chisai Alby RP), Golden Rat Envelope, and Mystic Pearl can now be placed in the Dungeon Pass Bag

Update 1/8/2023

  • Fixed repair rates on the Sun Road Colt and Sun Prophet Colt
  • Lightningbolt Wand damage multiplier increased from 3.5 to 7
  • Icebolt Wand damage multiplier increased from 5 to 10
  • The Animal Dungeon Event now drops translated versions of the "Shield of Black Sheep". Existing shields are unchanged.
  • Fixed minor typo in Nao's keyword dialogue

Update 1/1/2023

  • New login screen for January
  • Started the Animal Dungeon Event
  • Eiry can now be talked to by using the "Speak with Spirit Weapon" hotkey (Default /)

Update 12/30/2022

  • Fixed an issue where the dressing room could delete duplicate items if the UI desynced and didn't show an item as collected, the server will now prevent collecting duplicate items
  • Added the Imp Uniform, Supreme Saint Guardian's Sword Wings (Dyeable), and Supreme Saint Guardian's Spread Sword Wings (Dyeable) to the dressing room as collectable items
  • The untranslated Swan Lake Shoes can now be collected in the dressing room under Swan Lake Shoes
  • Swan Lake Shoes that drop from the event giftboxes now drop the properly localized version of the item
  • Fixed an issue where Swan Lake Outfits (for females) and Nutcracker Shoes (for males) were not dropping from the event giftboxes
  • Fixed an issue where Beauty Coupon Eyestyles were checking for a coupon, coupons are no longer required for these styles.
  • Made all possible skin colors selectable in the dressing room
  • Made all possible eye colors selectable in the dressing room
  • Added a large number of hair colors to the dressing room
  • Added several Flashy hair colors to the dressing room, please note the following: the preview for these hair colors will show a static color and these colors will reset upon opening the dressing room or rebirthing. These colors can be found at the bottom of the color list
  • Translated untranslated style options in the dressing room/character creation menu/rebirth menu

Update 12/29/2022

  • Enabled the Dressing Room Feature
  • Added Dressing Room Storage
  • Added the FMA, DFO, and Shana Crossover item sets to the dressing room.
  • Added the Auranogi T*Shirt and several other misc equipment items originally not available in NA to the dressing room.
  • Removed Gold Fee when taking items out of the dressing room (Note, the client will still display the Gold fee, but it will not be charged)
  • Added the Dressing Room Style Change Feature
  • Added various crossover event styles and NPC*only styles to the Dressing Room, Partner Appearance Change, Partner Creation, Character Creation, and Rebirth menus (Note: Some NPC*only hairstyles do not display hair with hats on, some NPC*only faces do not work with 2 toned colored eyes)
  • Elf faces are now available for humans and human faces are now available to elves via the Dressing Room
  • Added a large number of colors to the Dressing Room, Partner Appearance Change, Partner Creation, Character Creation, and Rebirth menus, this should also prevent the majority of colors from the Beauty Shop from resetting upon rebirth
  • Removed the need to have coupons for beauty coupon styles
  • Added configuring Blink Settings in the Dressing Room eyestyle tab, this does not work some types of eyes. By default all characters do not blink until its enabled in the Dressing Room.
  • Added Partner Appearance change, this can be accessed by right clicking your partner and selecting "Partner Appearance Change" in the tooltip
  • Added a large number of style options to Partners
  • Added Iria Beginner Long Pants and Iria Beginner Skirts to Effie's shop in Qilla Base Camp

Update 12/21/2022

  • Replaced Lovely Winter Piano with Morning Glory Piano from the Math Holiday Adv Dungeon reward pool
  • Replaced existing Lovely Winter Pianos with Morning Glory Pianos
  • Removed Christmas Campfire Kits from Holiday Math Dungeon giftboxes

Update 12/18/2022

  • Fixed an issue where dungeon boss room doors would open immediately for bosses that had cutscenes
  • Fixed an issue for dungeons where the boss room door on the entrance side stayed locked after unlocking the door, would open upon dungeon clear, the door in these dungeons will now remain closed after the boss is defeated.
  • You can no longer swap a partner's right hand weapon if they are holding a weapon in their left hand, it must be removed first (this restriction doesn't apply to shields)
  • Greatly increased the monster and NPC draw distance in Tara and Tara's Shadow Realm
  • Decreased the draw distance in Chisai Mine
  • Fixed a bug where healing would give training EXP when no HP was actually healed

Update 12/12/2022

  • Increase Creature and Prop draw distance in Iria and some regions in Uladh (this varies map to map, some are unchanged)
  • Fix for Mana Tunnels sometimes displaying as being closed, and fixed some Iria artifacts not showing the correct state client*side (a bug currently exists where the state still might not update while mounted)
  • Increase drop rates for various crafting pouches from Uladh Dungeons
  • Slighty increased the drop rates of some equipment that drops from Alby Hardmode, Alby Basic Hardmode, and Alby Int Hardmode
  • Slightly increased the drop rates of weapon drops from the Glowing Statue versions of Karu Forest Dungeon
  • Dark Knight armor piece drops and other equipment drops from various versions of Ciar Dungeon are now weighted based on the gender of party members
  • Fixed the maximum durability of some equipment that drops from Hardmode dungeons, certain weapon drops would drop with 1 durability instead of increased maximum durability
  • Fixed an issue where it was sometimes possible to relog into another player's dungeon using the dungeon re*entry system
  • Fix for desync when using the rock throwing skill
  • Temporary disabled server side cooldown checks to test if the current attack lock glitch is related to this change
  • Fixed a bug where chaincasting could be used with broken wands
  • Field Boss notices will now also appear in the System Chat
  • Dungeon Boss monsters will now not spawn until after the boss cutscene finishes playing

Update 12/4/2022

  • Changed the quest objective for killing the event Black Wizard for the Christmas questline and daily quest. The quest objective now clears for anyone who got a hit on the wizard when it was finished, instead of only rewarding quest completion to the person who finished it
  • Holiday Math Advanced's humbugger rooms has been rebalanced to spawn humbuggers equal to the number of players in the dungeon
  • Fixed the stats of all Math Holiday Dungeon monsters, most were missing stats they were supposed to have
  • Fixed combo mastery's cooldown bonus not being applied on the server side
  • Improved the timing on server side skill cooldowns

Update 12/2/2022

  • Fixed a bug where field bosses would stop spawning if a the boss was killed, but not finished before it despawned.
  • Decreased the spawn frequency of the Black Wizard event field boss to spawn ever 12 minutes instead of every 6 minutes
  • The Black Wizard event field boss now spawns with a title
  • Style Slot only equipment (transparent equipment mainly) can no longer be equipped in partner's equip slots
  • Added Party Quests for all 4 difficulties of Rundal Hardmode to NPC Aodhan's Shop
  • Iria Ruins Dungeon entrance props should now despawn when the dungeon portal itself despawns

Update 12/1/2022

  • Started Christmas Events (more to be posted in events )
  • Removed the Animal Jump Gesture due to exploits found relating to the gesture
  • new login screen for December

Update 11/19/2022

  • Fixed bugged Blacksmith Manual drops in Alby Adv HM and Ciar Adv HM that caused the dungeon to lock up if they were contained within one of the end chests
  • Added the Sand Burst skill, specifics of the skill below
  • Sand Burst can load up to 5 charges and may gain extra charges from Chain Cylinder
  • Monsters below a specified CP threshold for the current rank will get blinded at a 100% rate, monsters above that CP value have a % chance of being blinded based on the skill rank
  • Monsters that are blinded will instantly drop all aggro
  • Some types of monsters such as Golems and Mimics are immune to being blinded regardless of CP level
  • Using Sand Burst many times consecutively will put the skill onto a cooldown, if any charges are left after the skill goes into the cooldown, they can still be used, but will increase the cooldown's length
  • Added the Earth Alchemy Mastery Skill
  • Add the Blindness quest to learn Sandburst, which can be started by talking to Lucas with the skills keyword with at least Rank F alchemy Mastery
  • Updated the available skills list on the wiki to include Carpentry, Sandburst, and Earth Alchemy Mastery
  • Added the skill quests to the wiki for Carpentry and Sandburst
  • Skill cooldowns are now validated on the server side in addition to the existing client side checks
  • Shooting Rush now has a load time, the length of time is dependent on the rank
   Rank F - Rank A - 1.4 Seconds
   Rank 9 - Rank 6 - 1.2 Seconds
   Rank 5 - Rank 1 - 1 Second
  • Bullet Storm now has a load time of 2 seconds
  • Fixed a bug where the elemental bonus/reduction from the equipped cylinder was not being given if the cylinder was equipped in the 2nd right hand equipment slot for the Flame Burst, Water Cannon, and Wind Blast skills. This bonus will now be given regardless of which slot the cylinder is equipped in
  • Fixed the description for the Shadow Brigade Crossbow Carpentry Formula

Update 11/5/2022 (2)

  • Fixed Carpentry training for gathering firewood from ranks 9 to 6.
  • Added Sturdy Lumber Axe, Sturdy Woodworking Plane, and Sturdy Metallurgy Sieve to the Sturdy Tool Box
  • Updated inventory icons for Leather, Cloth, and Silk bags, each level of bag will now have a unique icon

Update 11/5/2022

  • Added the Carpentry Skill
  • Add the Carpentry Skill quest, this can gained by talking to Tracy with the Skills keyword
  • Removed the Grandmaster Talent requirement from all Carpentry recipes
  • Reduced the number of Radiant Tough Strings used for the Highlander Longbow Recipe from 5 to 1.
  • Added a new Carpentry recipe for the Shadow Brigade Crossbow
  • Radiant Tough Strings now drop from all Adv Hardmode Dungeons
  • Increased the drop rate on Radiant Tough Strings
  • New blacksmith manuals were added to all Adv Hardmode dungeons (1 new manual in each)
  • Fixed the Danger! Turkey Commander Thanksgiving Daily Event Quest from not being given upon login each day
  • Eiry now gives tips in Iria for landmarks, Marks, and Mana Tunnels
  • Partners can now give daily quests to collect average, fine, and finest firewood

Update 11/2/2022

  • Fixed Accessories not appearing in the Accessory Repair menu for Maid Partners
  • Fixed the daily Mythril Ingot Partner quest not accepting Mythril Ingots for the quest
  • Fixed being able to use homestead kits in level 1 homesteads, a level 2 or higher homestead is now required.
  • Fixed the food exchange option being missing from NPC Pan, this option is now available to trade in event food for additional Thanksgiving Coupons
  • Added the Chef's Bag to NPC Lorna's coupon exchange for 50 Thanksgiving Coupons
  • NPC Lorna's coupon exchange now displays how many coupons are in your inventory
  • Added the Chair Bag (12x18 slots) to NPC Walter's shop in the General Goods tab for 750k Gold
  • Added the Living Room Chair, School Chair, and Reading Chair to NPC Walter's shop in the General Goods tab for 100k Gold each
  • Removed the Current Level and Total Level columns from the Auranogi Launcher's Online List. A level ranking's high score list is planned to be added to the wiki at a later date.

Update 11/1/2022

  • New login screen for November
  • Fixed rest bonuses when resting near campfires from a rank 5 campfire or special campfire kit
  • Started Thanksgiving Event

Update 10/29/2022

  • Fixed a bug where Partners with 121 or higher favor would lose 1 favor per hour (even when desummoned)
  • Fixed a bug where NPCs with negative favor would not recover 1 favor per hour
  • The Sturdy Ox Helmet from Alby Adv HM is now tradable
  • Thin Thread Pouches now drop from Coill Normal
  • Cheap/Common Fabric Pouches now drop from Fiodh Normal
  • Fine/Finest Fabric Pouches now drop from Fiodh Int
  • All versions of Fiodh are now guaranteed to drop Seed Pouches from the dungeon end chest
  • Various homestead items can now be found from all versions of Fiodh

Update 10/23/2022

  • Revamped Pon Drops from monsters, the amount of Pons dropped is now influenced by a combination of your current CP compared to the monster's as well as the monster's CP value. Lower level monsters will generally drop less Pons than before while higher level monsters will generally drop more Pons than before.
  • Weakest and Weak mobs will on average drop more Pons than they previously did.
  • Monsters with "The Ancient" title will drop 50% more Pons in the event that they do drop Pons.
  • Fixed a bug with Charge where it would get stuck if the "Use Skill after Targeting" option was enabled
  • Partners no longer lose blessings when they are knocked unconscious
  • Fixed an issue where Partners did not play an animation and say dialogue when being fed food
  • Partners now have the Production Mastery Skill, the skill rank for this skill will match the rank of the Combat Mastery Skill
  • Added the Guild Hall feature, Guild Halls can be created by the Guild Master by talking to NPC Sinead in Rath Castle by spending GP.
  • A Guild Stone for the Guild Hall can now be purchased using GP at NPC Sinead
  • A warp feature can now be enabled to teleport between the Guild Stone and the Guild Hall's Guild Stone by purchasing the feature using GP at NPC Sinead

Update 10/21/2022

  • Decreased the price of Partner Training Tools to 100,000 Gold Each
  • Fixed Maid and Butler outfits sold by NPC Ciara not staying their fixed color after the shop changes after midnight after a server reboot
  • Removed Maid and Butler outfits from NPC Scarlett's shop rotation
  • RE:ZERO and Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Bladeworks crossover outfits have been added as possible sets in NPC Scarlett's shop rotation
  • The Saber Armor Uniform outfit has been downgraded from being Heavy Armor to Light Armor
  • All Fate/Stay Night outfits have had their Dye restrictions removed
  • A new Tail tab was added to NPC Scarlett's shop, random tails will be available for sale every time she moves locations.
  • The Gamyu Wizard Robe Armor set can now randomly appear in Scarlett's shop
  • Fixed the Shadow Mission Partner quests not clearing upon the completion of the given Shadow Mission.
  • All Partner Gem collection quests have been reduced from 20 gems to 1 gem each. There are no changes to the quest rewards.
  • Partners now gain their master's passive speed boost if they have it enabled
  • Fixed the camera when speaking with your partner, the camera will now always face towards your partner instead of in a fixed direction, and the roll on the camera has been fixed so the camera isn't slightly tilted
  • Partners will no longer get stuck after gathering

Update 10/17/2022

  • Released Rath Royal Castle, the front Gate is now open and can now be entered
  • Added the following NPCs to Rath Royal Castle
   * various guardsmen
   * various misc townspeople
   * Glewyas
   * Briana
   * Sinead
   * Arzhela
   * Alpin
   * Aineah
   * King Ethur Mac Cuill II
   * Ciara
  • Added a portal for Princess Eirawen's room (currently locked) on Floor 2 of Rath Royal Castle
  • Added a portal for the Servant's Office on Floor 2 of Rath Royal Castle
  • Added Maid and Butler Partners, which currently have the following features
    * Daily Quests
    * Daily Gifts (Gifting to Partner 5 times per day)
    * Receiving Daily Gifts (Requires higher favor with your partner)
    * Surprise Gifts (Requires higher favor with your partner)
    * Daily Rank 1 Cooking with Partner
    * Partner Gathering Buffs, increases success rate, may allow for multi-gathers, based on favor rating
    * Shops (items between Maids and Butlers are different, based on the Japanese version of Partner Shops)
    * Repairs (Clothing for both, Accessory for Maids, Magic Clothing for Butlers)
    * Paying Salary on Saturdays for bonus favor
    * Actions (unlocks more with higher favor)
    * Melee weapon masteries for Maids and Butlers
    * Bolt Mastery for Maids and Butlers
    * Final Hit for Maids and Butlers
    * Fireball for Maids
    * Ice Spear for Butlers
    * All Combat skills (except for Int Magic) can rank up to Rank 1 by level 200
    * 3 Different Personalities for both the Maids and Butlers
  • Maids and Butlers can be purchased from NPC Ciara in the Servant's Office on Floor 2 of Rath Royal Castle for 50,000 Pons
  • NPC Ciara now sells pre-colored Maid and Butler equipment, including Ram and Rem's outfits
  • NPC Ciara now sells Partner Training Tools for 250k Gold each
  • Added Fireball, Ice Spear, and Final Hit as options in the in game Ai Creation Menu
  • Added the Bolt Mastery Skill, the skill can be learned by talking to Lassar with the Skills Keyword with the Elemental Apprentice title equipped
  • Lassar now teaches Magic Mastery without needing to do tutorial quests if you know all 3 bolts spells and smash
  • Added Bolt Mastery Skill to obtainable skill list on the wiki
  • Pet Hunger now caps out at 10% Hunger instead of 50% Hunger
  • Attempted fix for ammo (such as bolts) being unequipped when using Extra Inventory Slots

Update 10/3/2022

  • Changed login screen for October
  • Started Halloween Event
  • Fixed charge blocking from just having the skill loaded, the skill must actually be in use now
  • Fixed the range check on charge
  • Stop character movement when aiming Crash Shot
  • Fixed an issue where Crash Shot aimed faster than it's supposed to
  • Fixed running with Crash Shot loaded with crossbows
  • Fixed Crash Shot stun reduction from pings
  • Fixed targets not stopping when hit by crash shot
  • Added Telephant to Storybook Tir

Update 9/25/2022

  • Fixed Red Demonic Warrior's not having AI
  • Fixed the easy versions of Demonic mobs in the Charge quest version of Muyu ignoring the shared aggro limit
  • fixed crash shot not working while mounted for elves
  • fixed the Defeat at least X enemies with fragments for Crash Shot erroneously requiring certain CP levels for training

Update 9/25/2022

  • Fixed the color of Black Gremlins
  • Ancients now automatically despawn after 24 hours (from when the server booted up, this may change in the future)
  • Fixed Charging Strike's range
  • Fixed visibility issues related to pets
  • Fixed Flash Launcher range bug
  • Targets hit with smash will now turn towards the user instantly instead of visibly turning around
  • Added the Crash Shot Skill
  • Added Crash Shot's skill quest
  • Added the Charge Skill
  • Added new custom quest for Charge, started by talking to Nicca in Qilla Base Camp with the Skills Keyword and a shield equipped
  • Added new variant of Muyu Desert Ruins for the Charge quest
  • Updated wiki Skills page to include new skill quests
  • Updated wiki Available Skills List to include Charge and Crash Shot


  • Fixed translations on Nekojima Gems


  • Fixed Jackal Fomor Scroll not going into Fomor Scroll Bag (again)
  • Added more loading screen tips
  • Started 2x Training, Monster Exp, and Drop event until the end of the day next Saturday


  • The rewards for turning in extra thank you notes to Talvish in storybook Tir now properly checks if you have turned in seals yet for the day. This has been update to reward 2000 Anniversary Points and 10000 exploration exp the first time you turn in seals for the day, and has been reduced to 0 exploration exp and 500 anniversary points for any subsequent seals turned in for the day, this will reset at midnight.
  • Ai and Mai in both the Ciar Anniversary RP Dungeons and the Alby Golden Rat RPs now have 40% Speed Boost potions.

Update 9/5/2022

  • Fixed critical calculation for single target Alchemy and Magic Bolt spells
  • Fixed bolts and score scrolls being voided when used in the extra inventory slot
  • Shadow Mission monsters now scale Magic Defense and Magic Protection
  • Started Auranogi 6th Anniversary Event and Storybook Tir Events
  • Added Pixel Box to Talvish's shop in Storybook Tir for Anniversary Coins. This will give a random Pixel themed equipment piece, 2nd title, or homestead prop.
  • Replaced the DJ Table drop from the anniversary prize machine with the new Anniversary Chair Box, which gives a random chair
  • Added new milestone rewards between 225,000 points to 1,000,000 points
  • Turning in extra thank you notes to Talvish in Storybook Tir now rewards 5000 Exploration Exp daily in addition to the 1000 anniversary points it previously gave
  • Slightly modified the Ultra Rare drop pool from the Erinn Memoria Dungeon
  • Players will now play animations when using the Prize Machine in Storybook Tir
  • New login screen for the Anniversary Event
  • Durability is no longer lost and Proficiency is no longer gained when using normal attacks with Final Hit active, or using normal attacks with Way of the Gun active

Update 9/3/2022

  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to enter someone else's dungeon when using the dungeon re-entry feature after logging back in from a dungeon run.
  • Fixed a bug where one of the possible part-time job rewards for some PTJs were not appearing as a reward
  • Added more random dialogue Eiry can say when speaking with her
  • Added dialogue for Eiry that she say when beginning a conversation with her while in area she as knowledge of
  • Added dialogue for the "Main Locations" option for Eiry that were missing in some areas
  • The Main Locations option now shows a picture of the map in areas she has knowledge of
  • The Main Locations option now gives a tutorial on how to enter a dungeon when used in Alby Dungeon
  • Added more random Tips that Eiry can tell you when asking about the Daily Tip (They are all untranslated, just like they were in NA :monikasmug: )
  • Eiry will now warn you if you have low HP, low MP, high hunger, or high wound when beginning a conversation with her in area she has no knowledge of.
  • Blacksmithing and Tailoring manuals are now color coded based on the rank of the manual and type of item the manual creates. Rank F manuals are white and manuals get darker in color based on their rank. Existing Manuals are unaffected.
  • Enchant Scrolls are now a different color based on their rank, like production manuals, they will be white at Rank F, and get darker with each rank. Existing Enchants are unaffected.
  • The icon on Enchant scrolls will now be Blue for Prefix Enchants and Red-Orange for Suffix Enchants. Existing Enchants are unaffected.
  • Updated dialogue for the Rock Throwing quest to use official NA dialogue.

Update 8/28/2022

  • Fixed a bug where Metallurgy could warp you out of bounds
  • Fixed a bug where very large sized scores would disconnect you if you tried to create them with Composing
  • Fixed a bug where dungeon keys would be dropped at the wrong coordinates if a player disconnected or logged off mid-dungeon run
  • Fixed an issue where boss room cutscenes would get stuck if the original leader left or re-entered the dungeon
  • Normal attacks and hitting props now properly use stamina, this is based on either your equipped weapon or using the base barehanded stamina usage rate.

Update 8/27/2022

  • Added Rock Throwing Action and Quest
  • Rock Throwing is now available to Giants
  • Added Dungeon Re-entry feature, you can now rejoin a dungeon if you log out or disconnect from the game within a 5 minute window of disconnecting
  • Elf Ranged Attacks will no longer cause the target to bounce on the 2nd hit
  • Added Platinum Hammers of Durability to The Researcher NPC near the Poulnabrone stone's shop for 1mill Gold
  • Platinum Hammers of Durability can now drop from Peaca Basic, Muyu Normal, and Karu Glowing Statue dungeons
  • Added Halloween Capes as a drop to Peaca Basic Dungeon
  • Slightly increased the drop rate of Rusty Hammers and Void Crystals from Peaca Basic Dungeon
  • Increased the drop rate of an equipment piece dropping from Peaca Basic Dungeon
  • The bank now opens up to the correct tab for elves and giants
  • Fixed the bug where the character window displayed doubled exploration levels from the current rebirth towards the Exploration cumulative level count

Update 8/22/2022 * Server-Only

  • Fixed several typos in G2's script
  • Fixed a broken HTML tag in G2's book: "Tabhartas: the Guardian of Ancient Wisdom"

Update 8/22/2022 * Client-Only

  • Fixed Nao's Yukata keyword being named as the Nao's Kimono keyword
  • Fixed Nao's Kimono keyword crashing the game when giving Nao a Kimono

Update 8/14/2022 * Extra bug Fixes

  • Fixed skills not gaining training exp
  • The extra exp bonus the enchant skill uses now displays "Enchant Skill Exp Rate Bonus" instead of "Skill Exp Rate Bonus"

Update 8/14/2022

  • Fixed the issue where you could accept multiple copies of the Metallurgy skill quest
  • Fixed an issue where collecting Mythril Ore Fragments with Metallurgy trained the Mining skill
  • Fixed pets being summoned inside of walls
  • Fixed an issue where the enchant isn't returned to the requester upon an enchant failure during enchant entrustment
  • Fixed Lightningbolt's critical damage
  • Fixed an issue where you would always miss with ranged attacks if you were standing on top of the target
  • Fixed transformation skills erroneously displaying that they can be ranked up when they aren't actually available for rank up
  • The Enchanting Skill now receives 4x skill training
  • NPC Argel now has an animation when talking to him
  • NPC Argel now periodically changes his idle animation
  • The drop rates of Pink Starfish and Red Coins have been greatly increased for future runs of the Den of Sahagins event (not currently active), the stack of Red Coins has also been increased from 3 coins to 5 coins.
  • Slated the Summer Treasure Hunt Event (not the Iria Treasure Chest Event) for next week.

Update 8/7/2022

  • Removed talent requirements off of all Tailoring and Blacksmithing manuals
  • Fixed Wood Jackal Fomor Scroll not being able to placed in the Fomor Scroll Chest
  • Added the Metallurgy Skill and Metallurgy Skill Quest
  • Metallurgy Sieves can now be purchased from NPC Effie in Qilla Base Camp and NPC Bastet in Nekojima
  • Added Metallurgy gathering nodes in Port Qilla, Rano, and Nekojima
  • Nekojima's Metallurgy spots are always Gold and drop special gems unique to Nekojima
  • Fully implemented the Gem Collection Books and re-added the Gem Collection books in Alexina's Shop
  • Added wandering villager NPCs to Nekojima's square and beach
  • Added 3 new spawn locations for Watermelons for the Break the Watermelon event in Port Qilla
  • Watermelons in Port Qilla have a chance to spawn small stone monsters in addition to the other small monsters normally spawned by watermelons
  • Break the Watermelon event scheduled to begin at midnight
  • Added Metallurgy Skill Quest to the Skill Quests page on the Wiki
  • Added the Metallurgy Skill to the Obtainable Skills List page on the Wiki