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Auranogi contains a lot of custom content, dungeons, items, quests and more.

Misc. Custom Features[edit]

  • Party quests can be completed alone.
  • Dungeon pass lower limits are ignored, meaning that all dungeon variants can be entered from 1 to the stated party size limit.
    • E.g: A dungeon pass that says "For 4" can be entered with less than 4 party members.
  • Pet summon timers reset upon summoning, giving virtually infinite summon time.
    • If a pet's summon time runs out, you will have to wait until the server reset time before the pet can be summoned again.
  • Taillteann has a platform near its Stonehenge and the shadow mission bulletin in town that will freely allow you to warp between the two, allowing for faster shadow mission access.
  • A custom drop system is used that rolls for each item separately, rather than a weight-based system; unlike official servers, monsters can drop more than one item on death, increasing drop rates overall and greatly increasing the efficacy of the drop rate bonus on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
  • A dungeon re-entry system has been implemented. If you disconnect while in a dungeon you may return upon next successful log-in. (Currently unavailable for Shadow Missions)
    • Note: If you log in and disconnect again before re-entry, you will not be eligible for re-entry.
  • Pon, which has a chance to be dropped by all enemies, enables one to buy items that were typically associated with premium currency, such as: character cards, pets, dyes, fashion, gear slots, and more.
    • You can find the premium currency store inside of Coco's Boutique, which can be accessed by talking to Makenna or through the building beside the Dunbarton Town Office.
  • Premium Service is enabled for all accounts permanently.
  • Some User Commands are available, including a feature to compensate for user lag due to latency from high ping.
  • One may turn in all fomor scrolls at once through an automated process at various town NPCs: Eavan (Dunbarton) Researcher (Dunbarton, near Poulnabrone Stone) Aodhan (Emain Macha) Andras (Taillteann) and Lezzaro (Tara).
  • One may change their transformation appearance to any previous rank by selecting the title corresponding to that rank from the titles menu.
  • Dual Gun Skills are implemented and have been adjusted for balance with pre-dynamic combat.
  • Combat Alchemy Skills scale with only one stat with various ratios, rather than an average of all 3.
  • Giants can learn play dead and rock throwing.
  • Final Hit receives reduced stun when triggering heavy stander, based on the weapon's attack speed.
  • Arrow Revolver has no load time between shots, allowing subsequent shots to be fired instantly.
  • Nao soul stones Heal 70% HP instead of 100% HP upon revival, Heal 50% stamina instead of setting stamina to 100%, Heal 50% Mana instead of healing 100%, Heal 55% Wounds instead of 100% Wounds, and do not provide blessings.
  • Switching titles has a cooldown of 15 seconds since last combat.
  • Holy waters and Holy Flame application time has been reduced to 0.5 seconds.
  • Field bosses drop chests that have rewards that vary depending on the region.

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