From Auranogi
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Weapons Dealer
Location Chisai Village
Part-Time Job Unknown
( Report Time: Unknown )

Repair Blacksmith Repairs
Track 色即是空 - SENTIVE

Smelting sharp blades is my true passion in life. I can't stand looking at dull blades.


—Akihiro, Private story keyword


A serious looking man stands before you.
He has dark hair accompanied by thick facial hair.
He is wearing a traditional outfit and has a Wakizashi sheathed to his side.
He watches you silently as you approach with a determined gaze.

Akihiro is the blacksmith of Chisai Village, who arrived from across the Moyer Ocean and settled in with the residents of the village. He offers access to Kamaitachi's Domain via a Red Envelope (Golden Rat)


Item Name Price
( g )
Arrow x 20 80
Arrow x 100 400
Bolt x 50 187
Bolt x 200 750
Tanto 5,270
Wakizashi 6,750
Yoshimitsu 7,720
Soul-Searcher Sword 8,600
Muramasa 9,240
Katana 12,100
Masamune 19,360

Part-Time Jobs[edit]

Basic ( 1 ~ 49 )[edit]

His Part-Time Jobs currently do not work correctly as of 5/14/24.

Akihiro's Monster-Hunting Part-Time Job (BASIC)

Monsters inside the Chisai Mines have been a nuisance lately. If you hunt [10 Miner Kobolds]] I'll pay you handsomely.

  • Hunt 10 Miner Kobolds
  • Talk to Akihiro.

3,500 G
6,650 EXP

Intermediate ( 50 ~ 99 )[edit]


Advanced ( 100+ )[edit]


Secret Shop[edit]

Akihiro has a Secret Shop, which is accessed by raising your level of NPC Intimacy with him.

Blacksmithing Manuals
Item Name Price
( g )
Tanto 1,500
Yoshimitsu 1,500
Wakizashi 5,000
Muramasa 5,000
Soul-Searcher Sword 5,000
Katana 15,000
Masamune 15,000

Skill Books
Item Name Price
( g )
Campfire: The Mystery of Flame 14,000