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Auranogi is a Mabinogi Private Server featuring most content up to Generation 4, with lots of custom content and features, also contains features from later generations.

Combat is based upon classic Mabinogi Combat that was used prior to the Dynamic Combat update.

The server is under active development, with updates and new features being frequent, as well as year round events to keep things fresh and fun.

Due to the nature of Auranogi running on the Aura emulator, one might find certain features missing, inappropriately explained, non-functional, or functioning in a different way from other versions of Mabinogi. Auranogi is developed from scratch using original code to emulate Mabinogi, and as such, development takes time, and each feature needs to be implemented by the small development team. Joining the Auranogi discord is the best way to stay up to date on the current features and development of Aura and Auranogi.

Server Rates[edit]

  • Monster Exp x2
  • Exploration Exp x1
  • Quest Exp Rewards x2
  • Quest Gold Rewards x2
  • Quest AP Rewards x3
  • Monster Drop x1 (monsters are able to multi-drop, refer to the Monster DB for specific rates)
  • Monster Gold Drop x2
  • Level Up AP x2
  • Exploration Level Up AP x2
  • Skill Training x2
  • Life Skill Training x2 (x4 total for life skills)
  • Enchant Skill Training x2 (4x total)
  • Age Up AP x3


Rebirth is enabled after 6 days have passed since your last.


Pon, which has a chance to be dropped by all enemies, enables one to buy items that were typically associated with premium currency, such as: character cards, pets, dyes, fashion, gear slots, and more.

You can find the premium currency store inside of Coco's Boutique, which can be accessed by talking to Makenna or through the building beside the Dunbarton Town Office.

Premium Service is enabled for all accounts permanently.