From Auranogi
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Chief of Chisai Village
Location Chisai Village

Track Wanderer - SENTIVE

Kanon and Mai seem to be fighting with each other. I really wish those girls would make up and get along. Or perhaps they can make ou...*cough* Sorry, thinking out loud. You didn't hear anything.


—Minoru, Private story keyword


A friendly old man stands tall with a peaceful smile adorning his face.
His hair is turning grey and you notice his unshaven facial hair.
He greets you with a friendly laugh as you come near.

Minoru is the chief of Chisai Village, who led all current villagers over Moyer Ocean to where they finally settled in Uladh. He has a tendency to think very indecently about the women of the village, opening up accidentally to any who speak to him. He takes care of the village shrine alongside Kanon, whose music he absolutely adores.


Item Name Price
( g )
Black Wolf 30
Brown Dire Wolf 30
Black Spider 30
Red Spider 30
Red Fox 30
Gray Fox 30
White Fox 30
Bat 30
Mimic 30
Gray Town Rat 30
Goblin 30
Poison Goblin 30
Kobold 30
Wisp 30
Snake 30
Ice Sprite 30
Dungeon Rat 30
Skeleton Soldier 30

Party Quest
Item Name Price
( g )
Goblins 10
Poison Goblins 10
Laghodessass 20
Rat Men 20
Miner Kobolds 30
Cave Rats 30
Earthworms 30
Golem (Basic) 50
Golem (Int for 2) 500
Golem (Int for 4) 500
Golem (Adv for 2) 500
Golem (Adv for 3) 500
Golem (Adv for 3) 500
Golem (Adv) 1,000
Golem (Normal) 1,000
Golem (Basic) 1,500
Golem (Int) 2,000
Golem (Adv) 2,500

Secret Shop[edit]