From Auranogi
Race White Elephant
Gender Male
Occupation Fast-Travel Guide
Location All over Erinn

Track The Wind, the Field & the Clouds

Hello! I am Telephant, and I'm here to carry you all over the world!
I can take you to towns you have visited previously!



Telephant is a small white elephant that can be found in various locations throughout Erinn. As his name implies, he is able to teleport the player to any location that he can be found in, so long as the player has previously visited that location at least once.


  • Telephant's name is a portmanteau of the words "teleport" and "elephant," making his purpose immediately clear to new players.
  • Telephant's music track, The Wind, the Field & the Clouds, is a modified version of the same track that can be found on Disc 3 of the Mabinogi Original Soundtrack (2005). The pitch seems to have been raised slightly, but it is not known why this change was made.
    • This track can still be found in Mabinogi Official and Auranogi's mp3 folders, labeled as intro.mp3, though it does not seem to be used in the official game anymore.