From Auranogi
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Event Guide / Coco's Boutique Warp
Location All over Erinn

Track Onion Fairy by Hanstone

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Makenna is a traveling human that appears all throughout Erinn. She can be found in the town square of every town throughout Uladh, as well as in Qilla Base Camp in Iria.

She acts as an event guide for players, and also offers the following unique services for free:

  • She can teach the player the Sharp Mind skill. She can also remove this skill.
    • Warning: If you have trained the skill and later choose to remove it, your training progress will be lost.
  • She can enable and disable the player's running speed boost.
  • She can warp players to Coco's Boutique.


The Orient


  • Makenna's artwork was created by Meorin. You can find their artwork on Pixiv.
  • Unlike other traveling NPCs, Makenna wears a different outfit for almost every location she can be found in.
  • Makenna was previously an event-only NPC. She became a permanent NPC in January of 2021.
    • She was initially a nameless, generic NPC used in the 4th of July Event.
    • She was later reused for the 3rd Auranogi Anniversary Event, and was then given her name and unique appearances in each town she appeared in.
    • Her previous theme as an Event NPC was First Step Master from Maplestory's old Apple Suit Training Camp.
      • This old theme can still be found in Auranogi's mp3 folder as npc_makenna.mp3.
  • Makenna will repeat the animation of her sitting down on the bench where she is located in Emain Macha roughly every 53 seconds.
    • Thunderbro states that this is due to the AI that she uses, and that the Beggar will do something similar for the same reason.
  • Makenna's Fluffy Kitty Tail (1 Year) that she wears on Nekojima and Youkai Island does not have an expiration date, despite being an expirable item as indicated by its name.